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BTSoftware Order Form

Cliquez ici pour le formulaire de commande en frangais.

How does it work?

Ordering is a three step process. Step one, select your product, select the version you want to receive, add this to the shopping cart. When ordering multiple products, just browse to the next product and repeat step one.

Step two, enter your email info, your name, your address, etc. to the orderform in the shopping cart.

Step three, finish your shopping by clicking on the "Next Order Page" button to confirm your order and (if required) to enter your Credit Card information. At the order confirmation page, click the "Finish Order" button to complete your order.


Your order will be delivered at the BTSoftware office immediately. The order invoice will be created and emailed to the first email address you've provided with your order. The invoice will be send to you asap, usually within a couple of minutes. When you do send in your order outside our 14 hours business day, this can take a little longer. All orders are inspected electronically and, when required, manually for VAT classification and/or Credit Card FRAUD.

Credit Card Payments

Credit Card payments will be authorised with our Online Credit Card Authorization. This usually takes less then a couple of minutes.

Payment by banktransfer

For payments by banktransfer, all relevant BTSoftware bankaccount details will be shown on the invoice. BTSoftware does provide International bankpayment options to accounts in The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Luxemburg in EURO. From outside these countries we can accept payments in EURO or USD, relevant payment information and cheapest payment instructions will be given on the invoice.

Registration information

The registration information will be sent to you immediately after the Credit Card Authorisation has come through or we get the electronic payment confirmation from one of our international bank offices.

Purchase Orders

Please check the BTSoftware PO conditions and contact BTSoftware for the PO verification.

Here you can check the BTSoftware Terms and conditions.

eMail: *

Credit Card orders only with an ISP based email address !

eMail (Retype):

Retype your email address or provide an alternative email address.

Name: *


Company order:


Intracommunautaire VAT, only for non-Dutch EU companies.

Street: *

Town: *


Only if applicable.

Zip: *

Country: *

Phone: *

No mobile or cell phone number please.


License Name: *

Provide the name of the person or company who is going to use the product. Minimum length 10 characters.
Resellers: The end-user name !

Reference Number:

Your own order reference number (will be on the invoice).

Coupon Codes:



US Dollars

UK Pounds

Payment method:





Bank transfer / Wire

Cheque (UK/France)

Cash by mail


Credit Card details to be entered at the next (secure) page.

* Always required, if not supplied, your order will experience a significant delay.

Article overview

Product name





Please send me a paper invoice by regular mail (USD 5.00 / EUR 5.00 / GBP 3.60).
A free of charge electronic invoice will always be send by email. The Paper Invoice we send will be a printed copy of the electronic invoice and identical to the one you can print yourself.

Total excluding taxes

Sales taxes (VAT/BTW/MwSt/TVA) 21 %

Grand total

Prices are applicable for payment by Credit Card (World Wide), cash, Banktransfers in Euro countries, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom and for cheques in United Kingdom and France.

To add more products to this overview, browse through the catalog, select subsequent products, select the product version and press the "Add To Cart" button on that product page.

Whenever you do have questions or remarks with your order, you can use the "Special Instructions" area on the next order page to provide your specific requirements.

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Electronic download and license purchases are not refundable.


We appreciate your order. If you do have questions, please contact us at BTSoftware@BTSoftware.com.


BTSoftware BV has partnered up with IronSoftware

BTSoftware BV and Iron Software are now partners

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