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BTSoftware Software Registration Services

BTSoftware provides the opportunity to buy your favourite software just if you've bought it around the corner. We do support various local ordering and payment options. We've got a large catalog of famous products ready for ordering. And if your favourite product isn't in our lists, contact BTSoftware so we can obtain this product. Often, the BTSoftware pricing for the product you are looking for, will be equal to the prices you see abroad. Just contact BTSoftware for delivery and pricing options.

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How to place an order at BTSoftware:

  • Using the BTSoftware Secure Online Orderform from www.BTSoftware.com.
    Just browse through the catalog, select your product and press the "Buy / Order" button.
  • Send an email with your full details and the requested product to sales@btsoftware.com.
  • Send a fax to: +31 40 2906460.
  • Send by regular mail to our postbox or office location.
  • If you send in an order after contacting us, please refer with your order to our previous contacts.

If you do not use the online ordering method, please provide registration full details and the requested product with your orders.

How do we handle your order ?

When we receive your order, we do send you by email an invoice with all payment details on it. Delivery of Credit Card orders will be handled right away, Bankpayment orders will be delivered when the payment is electronically confirmed by one of our banks. Delivery contains full registration information to setup your products, send to you by email or other type of media (depending on the type of products).

Payment methods service:

  • By Eurocard, Mastercard, Visa or Amex Credit card.
    Credit Card orders are handled with our Secure Online Electronic Credit Card charging process.
  • By wire / banktransfer.
    We do have EURO and USD bankaccounts in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and Austria.
  • By sending in cash to our postbox.

When you send in your payment, please specify the BTSoftware ordernumber. Omitting this number, might delay the product delivery, due to the fact we can not match your payment with an order. Please do not send money without having an invoice from BTSoftware. If you suspect something might have gone wrong with your banktransfer, please let us know.

European (EU) Company Orders

If you represent a European (EU) Company outside The Netherlands, we can provide the official 0% intracommunautaire VAT/BTW/MwSt/TVA service. For this service, we do require your company VAT number and the official Company name for that number. Based on our agreement with the Dutch tax office, we do check the VAT numbers. Please check the VAT number information careful to avoid delayed delivery of your ordered products. The online orderform provides fields for the VAT information.

Company Purchase Orders

For Company and Governmental Institutes, Purchase Orders can be accepted on additional conditions, please contact BTSoftware for the details.

When your company procedures do require the BTSoftware company information before ordering, please contact BTSoftware.

When your company procedures do require a printed invoice, just let us know and we will send it to you by fax or regular post. That invoice will be identical to the one you did receive by email.

How to contact BTSoftware for Company Orders:

  • By email to: sales@btsoftware.com
  • Online from the contact page.
  • By voice phone to: +31 40 2845111 or +31 40 2906459, ask for sales department
  • By fax to: +31 40 2906460, attention sales department

Reseller Orders

We do provide special reseller support, please contact BTSoftware for details. For most products, the registration license is created on the name of the enduser. To avoid delayed delivery, please specify full enduser information together with your order. If you order online, enter the registration name in the "License Name" Field on the orderform and put all other details in the "Special Instructions" Field on the second order page. Put your own (invoice) details in the normal fields. For delivery, we will send the registration information to you as a reseller, unless specifically requested otherwise.

How to contact BTSoftware as a Reseller:

  • By email to: reseller@btsoftware.com.
  • Online from the contact page.
  • By voice phone to: +31 40 2845111 or +31 40 2906459, ask for reseller department
  • By fax to: +31 40 2906460, attention reseller department

Special Product Requests

If you can't find your favourite program in our catalogue, please let us know. We will contact the supplier or provide you with an alternative.

Registered software authors

Do you want to increase your sales in Europe? Fill out our on-line application form and we will provide all the information you need.

About BTSoftware

BTSoftware established its business in the Netherlands on May 27th 1986, specializing in the field of software programming and project management. BTSoftware expanded its business in 1997 to the software registration market handling software registration and distribution, at first in Europe only, currently world-wide.

We strive to offer prompt and courteous service to our customers by fast electronic ordering and delivery. We make registered software purchases easy and efficient.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

BTSoftware contact info




BTSoftware BV
De Pinckart 46A
5674 CC Nuenen
The Netherlands


Email: BTSoftware@BTSoftware.com

Voice: +31-40-2845111 or +31-40-2906459

Fax: +31-40-2906460


VAT Number


Chamber of Commerce Eindhoven,

No. 17108709


Office Hours, Weekdays:

9:00 - 22:00 CET
At least once a day at varying times


Last updated : 1 march 2022


[ 20220916 ]
BTSoftware BV is now reseller of SoftMaker

BTSoftware BV has partnered up with SoftMaker

[ 20211223 ]
BTSoftware and Parasoft reconfirm delivery agreements

BTSoftware has a long-standing relation with Parasoft.

[ 20211217 ]
BTSoftware BV officially partnered up with Lansweeper

Lansweeper continues to be available through BTSoftware since 2011

[ 20211013 ]
BTSoftware BV has added 7Edit to the product catalog

7Edit now available through BTSoftware BV

[ 20211013 ]
BTSoftware BV has added AOMEI Backupper to the product catalog

AOMEI Backupper now available through BTSoftware BV

[ 20210205 ]
BTSoftware BV has partnered up with Seagull Scientific

BTSoftware BV and Seagull Scientific are now partners

[ 20181231 ]
BTSoftware BV is now partner of Unified Compliance

BTSoftware BV and Unified Compliance are now partners

[ 20180215 ]
BTSoftware BV has partnered up with IronSoftware

BTSoftware BV and Iron Software are now partners

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