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BTSoftware Terms & Conditions

Definition of Key Terms

BTSoftware BV

BTSoftware BV is a company which acts as a dealer between software / shareware suppliers and software / shareware buyers, handling the registration of software / shareware programs, the administration and financial transactions between buyers and suppliers, and the distributions of the registration numbers, registration programs and / or registered programs.

BTSoftware BV site

The BTSoftware Home Page, order form, invoice, terms & conditions, and other information about BTSoftware BV can be found on the BTSoftware site on the Internet located at www.BTSoftware.com.

Program writers = Software / shareware providers = suppliers

Program writers are software / shareware providers who own the patents and/or copyrights of the software / shareware programs and appoint BTSoftware BV as their dealer to distribute their programs.

Software / shareware Buyers

Software / shareware users who register the use of the software / shareware programs via BTSoftware BV.

Products delivered

The products distributed by BTSoftware BV are the registration numbers, registration programs and / or registered shareware programs, software, PC cards, and / or CD ROMs.

Terms & Conditions For Shareware Buyers

Patents & Copyrights.

Patents & Copyrights of any product BTSoftware BV delivers belong to the program writers.

EU Legislation.

In accordance with EU legislation, Software / shareware Buyers do have the right to cancel an order and return the goods within 2 weeks after delivery of the ordered products. This does not apply to software, licenses, downloads, email deliveries and products specially made or ordered for the Software / shareware Buyers. For returns of physical shipping, all shipping costs are for the Software / shareware Buyers. Refunds will be arranged asap, minus shipping costs and payment costs. Software / shareware Buyers are requested to provide refund information asap.

Limitation of liability.

The quality, the content, and the performance of the products provided is without warranty of any kind. BTSoftware BV is acting solely as a distributor handling the administration, registration, and financial transactions between the buyers and suppliers. In no event will BTSoftware BV be liable for any damages including direct, or indirect damages arising out of or in connection with the use, the contents or the performance of the product.

Technical Problems.

For problems arising from the content and / or the performance of the software / shareware package, you should contact the program writer directly, or via BTSoftware BV. BTSoftware BV is only responsible for problems resulting from registration and / or distribution of the products.

Virus control.

All the software / shareware programs distributed by BTSoftware BV will be controlled with the latest version of a virus checker before delivery. BTSoftware BV is not liable for any damages resulting from viruses which cannot be detected by the virus checker.


You may not duplicate the registration number, registration program and / or registered program in any way to get two independent versions of the program. You are allowed to make one copy for backup purposes only. If more copies of the shareware program are required, additional licenses have to be purchased.


You may not sell nor offer the delivered product or a copy of the registration number, registration program and / or registered program to others without prior explicit approval from BTSoftware BV. BTSoftware BV may take legal action in case of misuse of registration numbers, registration programs and / or registered programs.

Price changes.

BTSoftware BV may, if necessary, change prices of the software at any time. The current prices of the software can be found on the BTSoftware BV site and will change according to exchange rate fluctuations. Be aware to flush your browser cache, when checking these prices.

Transaction costs.

BTSoftware BV is not liable to any transaction costs you incur when transferring money to BTSoftware BV. Transaction costs incurred by BTSoftware BV will be paid by BTSoftware BV unless otherwise stated on the BTSoftware BV site.

Versions delivered.

Every now and then, products chown on the BTSoftware products pages might not be the latest version. BTSoftware BV will allways deliver the latest version. Please send a note when an older version is shown.

VAT charges.

BTSoftware BV does have to operate according the Dutch VAT rules. This means that private orders from within the European Community and company orders from within The Netherlands will get VAT charged. This requires you to fill in a correct Country & Company status. We do have to check this information. Whenever we're in doubt, we do have to charge the VAT (i.e. according to the Dutch laws). We are very sorry for that.

When handling Credit Card Orders, We will also have to add the VAT, when your location cannot be determined correctly.

For company orders from within the European Community, we do require your VAT number and corresponding VAT company name.

Manual printing and diskette duplication.

Handling costs are charged for distributing diskettes, CD ROMs, and printed manuals. All prices are listed on the BTSoftware BV site.

Patches distribution.

If there is a minor upgrade version or a new patch of software / shareware program provided by the program writer, one upgrade version or one patch will be provided free of charge.

Registration delivery.

Registration numbers, registration programs and / or registered programs will only be delivered if payment to BTSoftware BV is guaranteed.

Customer registration.

Your registration information with BTSoftware BV will be kept confidential or can be completely removed from our database on written request. For registration purposes only, your details will be send to the program writer. From then on, we do not have any control over your details. In general program writers do honour confidentiality regarding these details.


Use of the free download programs, registration numbers and / or registered programs provided by BTSoftware BV are governed by their respective license agreements and may contain restrictions on use including, but not limited to, the requirement to pay the author / program writer.

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