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Version: 3.9

Date: 5-2017

Work Examiner


How does Work Examiner work?

Work Examiner is a client-server application installed in your corporate environment:
- WE Client - installed on the user PC, collects the activity data, applies filtering options, can be installed remotely from admin's computer
- WE Server - installed on any computer or server that will receive the data
- WE Console - can be installed on WE Server or on admin\manager PCs (in WE Professional only) for remote monitoring.

What will i get?

Real-time view of user activities on their PCs: live screenshots, active application\website, active\away status, etc.

Interactive reports with a complete view of what employees do on their PCs including many application and web usage reports, screenshots chats recording, attendance tracking and more...

Control of user actions through web filter, web usage timer and application launch control, alerts that will notify you is a user opened restricted website\application

Automatic scheduled reporting sent via e-mail or save to a shared folder in 10+ file formats

Easy to deploy...
You may deploy Work Examiner in your company in 5 minutes:

Deploy WE Server & WE Console on any computer (no hardware server required)

Install clients remotely from WE Console (if you're the admin) on any number of user PCs simultaneously

Done! Get reports and apply web filtering policies, configure scheduled reporting and many other options.

What's new in version 3.9

  • new: printing jobs report
  • new: file uploads report
  • new: report menus re-design
  • new: show active client licenses in WE Server Manager
  • new: show server version in WE Server Manager
  • new: save screenshots from WE Console reports as .jpg
  • new: word, excel, pdf documents path tracking
  • new: disable email subject and message recording
  • new: disable current info and surveillance from Client Options
  • fix: applying lots of web filtering rules were hanging weServerMessenger
  • fix: errors in web filtering - client stopped
  • fix: errors in web filtering - tls issues
  • fix: memory leaks in WE Client
  • fix: windows xp welcome screen hang issue
  • fix: http*://.. mask as default for URL sets
  • fix: console scaling on high-res displays
  • fix: Outlook 2016 latest update support for email capture
  • fix: keylogging issues for non-English keyboards
  • fix: web filtering driver support of Secure Boot in Win10
  • other minor changes

Work Examiner offers a wide variety of activities monitoring and filtering functionality for keeping an eye on your employees.

Websites Tracking
Provide a full in-depth view of what employees do on the Web

Work Examiner will give you a wealth of stats on how the web surfing time at your company is distributed between users, computers, departments, sites sand categories and even by days of the week, dates, and hours!

More than just a browser history...
Unlike other Internet monitoring tools, Work Examiner not only collects data about the website address and the date of access, but it also calculates the amount of time that the user spent on the site (including active and idle time).

On-line searches
Track search requests to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines

File Downloads
Work Examiner reports reflect file downloads by http and https protocols

Enjoy a clever website categorization feature to simplify web usage analysis

Export Reports
Export web usage data to PDF, XLS and other formats

Screenshots Capture
Get employee desktop screenshots in real-time and recorded playback mode


  • by request and live refresh modes
  • multiple PCs surveillance mode


  • handy snapshots player
  • customizable frequency and image quality, applications to capture or except
  • export screens to jpeg
  • quick search by: time, user, computer, application, window
  • no capture during the user idle time (to save DB space)

Also, both real-time and recorded screens have multiple displays support!

Web Filtering

Control on any action!
Work Examiner offers a comprehensive web filtering solution for your network. A set of allow and deny rules allows you to build any web filtering policy you want, e.g.:

  • block all sites except those whitelisted for specific users and departments
  • allow 30 min of free web surfing per day
  • block adult, social sites, and IM chats in several clicks
  • not just a blocking: redirect or return a custom html reply on the denied page

Get e-mail notification on prohibited site access attempt

Web Usage Timer
Show a time left popup for a user

HTTPS filtering
Block SSL encrypted sites like facebook.com

Block by html keywords or use updatable domain database with 80+ categories

PC Tracking

Active or Idle?>
Work Examiner tracks both active and inactive computer time. If the user makes no mouse/keyboard actions during a customized period - this time is calculated as inactive.

Who works less or more?
Summary computer usage reports will show you who works on the computer more and who less, as well as who comes early and who is late.

What is recorded?
Work Examiner will track application name, icon, window title, website URL, user name, computer name, start\end times and active and idle times.

Is it stealth?
Completely! No icons, task manager processes and add\remove programs items.

Scheduled Reporting
Any time tracking report can be configured to be sent to admin or manager via e-mail (e.g. as a PDF) by a customizable schedule.


Find and prevent data leaks
Our email recording tool helps to reduce leaks of critical information and get a better idea of employee e-mail communications.

Work Examiner can capture and save every email message sent or received through the Gmail, YahooMail, Outlook.com web services, SMTP and POP3 protocols, as well as MS Exchange messages from MS Outlook.

All e-mail information - Time, From, To, Subject, Body and even Attachments - is captured. You can filter captured emails by any parameter or search messages for keywords.


What do they type?
Keystroke recording captures every key that is pressed by the user. You will see what was typed in any program, whether it's IM chat, on a website, webmail, or MS Word. You can even capture the passwords typed in many programs and websites!

All of the necessary items (User, Computer, Website/Application Name, Window Title and Date/Time) are recorded and available for quick searching and data filtering.

You can specify a list of programs to capture keystrokes from, such as web browsers, email clients and MS Office apps.

Both letters/numbers and special keys are recorded and displayed in a useful, easy-to-read style in the report.

Instant Messaging

What are they chatting about?
Our instant messaging capturing tool can record the most popular IM services and protocols:

  • Facebook
  • Skype, Skype for Business (Lync)
  • Windows Live Messenger
  • MSN
  • Google Talk
  • AIM
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • ICQ
  • XMPP

The User, PC, Date/Time and Message are all included in the report. You may search through all the messages by keywords to discover what your employees are sharing.

Current Activity

Keep your hand on the company pulse
With the Current Activity feature, you can see which employees are working at the moment, what websites they are visiting, and what applications are being used. You can also view the status of each employee: whether the employee is working at the computer at the moment or not, and if not, for how long the employee has been away.

The organizational structure tree will help you to easily find the employee who you are looking for.

Standard (SMB)
v Designed for 1..40 PCs
v Firebird DB engine
v 1 Local WE Console
v Linear Organization Structure
X Security Management
X Active Directory Integration

v Designed for 20..10000 PCs
v MS SQL 2005-2014
v Unlimited Remote WE Consoles
v Unlimited hierarchy Organization Structure
v Security Management
v Active Directory Integration

The trial version of both editions is limited to 5 clients and 30 days. No functionality-based limits.

If you have less than 20 PCs and can work from 1 admin seat - choose the Standard Edition. Otherwise - Professional Edition.

Trial Download

Price information

Download Trial Standard (70251 kB)

Request Download Trial Professional (53698 kB)

Trial Download Request

Select Product / License Count / Delivery type




Work Examiner Standard 1-2 user license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




Work Examiner Standard 3-24 user license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




Work Examiner Professional 1-19 user license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




Work Examiner Professional 20-49 user license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




Work Examiner Professional 50-99 user license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




Pricing is based on prepayment and excluding VAT / BTW / MwSt / TVA.

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