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Version: 4.9.2

Date: 2-2024

VShell for Windows, UNIX


VShell Secure Shell server is a secure alternative to Telnet and FTP on Windows and UNIX platforms. Provide the strong encryption, robust authentication, and data integrity of SSH2 throughout your organization. Precision control over privileges, the ability to fine tune your Secure Shell environment, and a wide selection of strong authentication methods give you a flexible solution that grows with your evolving security policies.

Protect access to your mission-critical servers with:

  • Multi-protocol secure file transfer
  • Secure remote access and administration using SSH2
  • Reliability and robustness: "set it and forget it"

File transfer options include:

  • A robust SFTP server offering a wide variety of encryption algorithms plus support for FTPS and FTP
  • An HTTPS file transfer server allowing browser-based or scripted uploads and downloads (available with the HTTPS Enterprise edition)
  • The power to lock down users and groups to desired locations in the file system using virtual roots

Perform secure remote access and administration with:

  • Command shell access
  • Remote execution of commands and applications
  • Port forwarding (data tunneling)

Key Benefits

Provide strong, multi-protocol security for data in transit. The Secure Shell (SSH2) protocol delivers proven, open-standard authentication, encryption, and data integrity that let you provide a wide range of services to your organization with confidence.

FTPS increases your protocol choices (including FTP for support of legacy devices).

The Enterprise edition with HTTPS allows users to transfer files easily using a web browser.

Control user access to features and files. VShell gives you extensive controls to manage privileges for shell, file transfer, and other services. Examples include access control lists and virtual root directories.

Set up and configure easily. VShell installs and runs right "out of the box". Windows setup and configuration is made easy by the graphical control panel.

Monitor and log events with automation support. VShell triggers help you track and respond to events like failed logon attempts and uploaded files. Event logging supports security monitoring and regulatory compliance.

Use connection-based licensing to your advantage. VShell Workgroup, and Enterprise editions allow cost-effective licensing from one user to thousands.

The Enterprise edition with HTTPS (Includes FTPS) reduces administrative overhead by eliminating the need to purchase, install, and maintain additional software for file transfer.

Our support program includes expert technical support and regular maintenance releases.

Here's what's new in VShell 4.9.1:

Vulnerability fix:

  • SSH2: For some algorithms, an attacker can manipulate the packets sent during key exchange to cause some packets to be removed, which compromises channel integrity. A "Strict KEX" extension was implemented to address this vulnerability (CVE-2023-48795)
    In order to use the "Strict KEX" extension, the extension must be supported by both the client and the server.

New feature:

  • Windows: SFTP Virtual Roots can now be used to connect to an Azure Blob SFTP server.


  • Windows: the Short Thread Pool Size maximum value has been increased to 2048, and the default (minimum) value increased to the larger of 16 or 4 times the number of logical processors.

Bug fix:

  • Windows: When a user disconnects and that user's profile was not loaded during the initial connection, VShell will no longer attempt to enumerate network resources that may have been opened during profile loading, potentially causing a slowdown.

VShell Server Editions
VShell Server is available in two editions designed to meet the needs of every size network and organization. VShell editions let you control costs by buying only the number of concurrent connections you need. All VShell editions offer the same advanced features. Whether you are the only one accessing a server for administrative tasks or you are providing remote access, secure file transfer, and data tunneling solutions for a large organization with multiple locations, there's a VShell edition that's just right for your needs.

VShell Workgroup Server
VShell Workgroup Server allows twenty five concurrent connections, and is intended to serve the needs of a substantial group of users.

VShell Enterprise Server
VShell Enterprise Server supports an unrestricted number of concurrent connections for a large user community.

Please contact BTSoftware for configuration and implementation support.

This software is subject to export control and may be transmitted, exported, or re-exported only under applicable export laws and restrictions and regulations of the United States Bureau of Export Administration or foreign agencies or authorities. By downloading or using the software, you are agreeing to comply with export controls.

Van Dyke VShell is now available for export to most individuals and organizations worldwide under the Export Administration Regulations (EAR) of the U.S. Bureau of Export Administration (BXA) governing strong encryption software. No restrictions apply to customers located in member states of the European Union (EU) and nine other countries. Restrictions apply to certain government users in other countries.

You will be asked to fill out an eligibility declaration before downloading.Note: In order to use VanDyke VShell's SSH2 protocol support, you must have use an SSH2 client product like: SecureCRT or SecureFX. Both products work great with VShell.

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VShell Workgroup with FTPS, single server license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




VShell Workgroup with FTPS, single server license incl. 3 years Maintenance (email)




VShell Enterprise with FTPS single server license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




VShell Enterprise with FTPS single server license incl. 3 years Maintenance (email)




VShell Enterprise with HTTPS (Includes FTPS) single server license incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




VShell Enterprise with HTTPS (Includes FTPS) single server license incl. 3 years Maintenance (email)




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Please contact BTSoftware for VShell 25+ multi-server licenses.

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Last updated : 12-05-2024


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