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Version: 6.7.9

Date: 8-2014



Vbsedit is an award-winning VBScript editor that dramatically reduces the time you spend writing.

VBS scripts.
VbsEdit has an integrated debugger that make troubleshooting a seamless experience.The editor displays the values assigned to variables during debugging. VbsEdit lets you set breakpoints and step through the code one line at a time.

Vbsedit provides the ability to run your scripts directly from within the editor in either console (cscript) or window (wscript) mode. VbsEdit has the Microsoft VBScript 5.6 help file integrated into its editor, so all you need to do is press F1 to open the Help file and jump to the word under the cursor.

VbsEdit integrates the hundred of samples from the Microsoft Script repository. After the name of a class or object, type a (period) for an object instance: VbsEdit displays a list of valid member variables or functions for the appropriate object or class. After the name of a function, type an open parenthesis: Vbsedit displays the complete declaration for the function in a pop-up window just under the insertion point. The Object Browser allows you to examine and discover WMI classes and objects used in the current script and their members. Vbsedit generates WMI scripts for you (like Scriptomatic).

Vbsedit support syntax coloring and can display line numbers.
Code snippets are one of the coolest new features in VbsEdit. Code snippets are customizable code fragments intended to accomplish simple to intermediate tasks quickly; they can be inserted into your code with just a few keystrokes. What really makes code snippets so convenient to use is the replacement fields, highlighted areas that identify the values you may commonly want to replace to fit the snippet to your specific task. You can use F4 to move through replacement fields (ex: Type "select" and press F4).

What's new Version 6.7.9

  • Improvements in auto-completion
  • New command-line options
  • Convert into executable : the original script is no longer extracted into a temporary folder.
  • Convert into executable : it is now possible to specify version numbers and copyright notice
  • Option to change background color
  • Option to check if the current script has been modified outside VbsEdit

With your purchase, you will receive a registration key that will convert the free trial version to a registered one and unlock all its features. Once registered, you can unleash the full power of VbsEdit!

The license is valid for both Vbsedit and HtaEdit, 32bit and 64bit versions.

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