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Version: 24.20

Date: 9-2017

UltraEdit Win


The world's best text editor for 20 years (and counting). 2+ million users and many Fortune 100/500/1000 enterprise customers can't be wrong.

Key text editing features

  • 64-bit file handling (for files of 4+ GB) on both 32-/64-bit Windows platforms (Win XP and later)
  • Unicode support
  • Disk based text editing and large file handling, minimum RAM used even for multi-megabyte files
  • Multiline find and replace dialogs for all searches (Find, Replace, Find in Files, Replace in Files)
  • Spell checker and localization support for 80+ languages including American English, British English, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Swedish)
  • Free integrated file compare utility (UC Lite), or full integration with UltraCompare Professional
  • Syntax highlighting and code folding - configurable, pre-configured for C, C++, VB, HTML, Java, and Perl, with special options for FORTRAN and LaTex. Multiple wordfiles available for download
  • Tag matching for XML and HTML open and close tags
  • FTP client and browser
    - Includes support for SFTP and FTPS (Control only, Control and data, Implicit)
    - Ability to set a remote (server based) or local (Perl regex based) filter (provides filtering ability for SFTP)
    - Advanced proxy support and SSL certificate handling
    - (Optional) local default directory for each FTP account
  • SSH/Telnet window
  • XML Manager with parsed XML tree view, plus ability to move/delete/modify nodes and reformat XML
  • Function list with tree-style view of functions, parameters, variables, properties, etc.
  • Project/workspace support
  • Environment Selector - Provides predefined or user-created editing environments that remember the state of all of UltraEdit's dockable windows, toolbars and more for user convenience.
  • Integrated scripting language to automate tasks
  • Configurable keyboard mapping
  • Column/block mode editing
  • Hexadecimal editor allows editing of any binary file, shows binary and ASCII view
  • Code completion and auto-expanding text with Smart Templates
  • Automatic completion of XML and HTML tags
  • HTML toolbar pre-configured for popular HTML functions
  • WebSearch Toolbar: highlight text and click a websearch toolbar button to search for highlighted term from within the editor
  • File encryption / decryption
  • Integration with UltraSentry to securely delete UltraEdit temporary files
  • Multi-byte support with integrated IME support
  • And... UltraEdit is now available for UltraEdit for Mac and Linux

What's new in version 24.20?

  • Folded code highlighting
    - Folding control turns solid when section is collapsed
    - Background coloring for first line of folded code
    - Configure colors for the above in theme
  • Dramatic performance improvements for Find
    - Blazingly fast, grep-like speed when writing of thousands of search results to the Output Window and Find String List
    - Greatly improved performance and memory management for huge Find in Files results (700,000+ matches)
    - Quicker and more responsive cancelling of Find / Replace in Files
    - Greatly improved performance with many strings highlighted via "Highlight all" or Quick Find
    - Addressed issues with mixed line terminators in Find String List causing erroneous line numbers
  • Dramatic performance improvements for hidden lines
    - Much faster "Delete all hidden lines", especially with many lines hidden
    - Much smoother scrolling with large sections of hidden code / text
  • Tab delimited sort
    - Sort file based on tab-separated value fields instead of column numbers
    - Optionally specify start and end characters for each field
  • Syntax highlighting improvements
    - Syntax highlighting preserved for partially selected keywords
    - Function list no longer shows functions in block comments
    - Unmatched string character in regexp class no longer causes unwanted string highlighting
    - Addressed issue with incorrect syntax highlighting after wrapping lines
  • Display improvements
    Title bar no longer uses black color for text with darker title bar background
    Improved display and spacing of line number margin (decreased width when line numbers disabled)
    Restored vertical scroll bar in vertically oriented multi-line file tabs
  • Status bar "Bytes selected" now reports "Chars selected" instead (mainly for UTF-8 files)
  • SSH/Telnet and FTP now prompt for user name when not set
  • Reverted accelerator keys for File Change Detection dialog buttons
  • Addressed XML / HTML tag highlighting issues with Asian characters
  • Addressed several column mode issues when editing multi-byte (Asian) characters
  • Addressed issues with file/folder paths containing Unicode characters in .prj files
  • Addressed file change detection prompt with time zone change or daylight savings change
  • Addressed word wrap issues with non-Latin characters
  • Addressed issues with UltraEdit (legacy) and Unix style regular expressions
  • Addressed issue with hex insert in files greater than 4 GB

UltraEdit is also available as a bundle with UltraCompare
UltraEdit is also available in a Suite together with UltraSentry and UltraCompare

UltraEdit/UltraCompare Bundle (Multi-platform, Windows/Mac/Linux)

  • Switching between Windows and Linux virtual machines?
  • Using a Macbook at home and a Windows box at work?
  • Running Bootcamp, Fusion, or Parallels?

No problem, the UE/UC multi-platform license has you covered.

Enjoy the ideal text and programmer's editor while at the same time effortlessly compare files and folders (local or remote via integrated FTP), track changes and merge differences... regardless of operating system!

Added Value: Registration entitles the user to free upgrades for one year from the date of paid registration for all three platforms (Windows/Mac/Linux).


IDM All-Access
The subscription license that's every bit as powerful as it looks. For one low annual fee, you're guaranteed to always have the latest version of every application we publish, on all platforms!

The IDM All Access subscription sets a new standard for affordable integrated editing and data management tools. IDM applications are designed to work seamlessly together, creating the perfect dovetail for file management. Now you can get them all with IDM All Access subscrition license!

5 great applications on 5 personal machines. Plus mobility!
The IDM All Access subscription license provides you with the world's #1 file management solution! From the creation of a file to its eventual storage, retirement and deletion, it's the integrated, end-to-end solution trusted by millions.

Develop your text in UltraEdit or UEStudio. Find and manage differences with UltraCompare. Missing a file or a string? Quickly find exactly what you need using UltraFinder. Security is non-negotiable. Store your important files in UltraSentry's Digital Locker. The UltraSuite gives you the power and control over your files and workflow that only IDM can deliver.

The #1 text editor in the world.
UltraEdit is the cornerstone. It's the canvas upon which we paint our code, our prose and so much more. This is where file creation begins, for the team here at IDM and millions of incredible customers around the world.

UEStudio, all the features of UltraEdit plus the power of an IDE UEStudio offers all the functionality of UltraEdit plus other exciting and powerful features! Whether you are simply editing text, building applications, maintaining databases, or constructing websites, UEStudio's stunning array of innovative features offers the functionality of a bonafide IDE at an unsurpassed value.

Compare, merge and sync.
UltraCompare makes it easy to compare, merge and sync files and folders, even over FTP and network drives. See each difference before you decide to merge. Compare compressed file archives. You can even use UltraCompare to find duplicate files.

Find what you need, fast.
UltraFinder is the search engine for your PC, delivering the ability to quickly and precisely find what your need on your local disks, network volumes, removable drives and remote FTP file systems. Search the way you need to with UltraFinder.

Protect, encrypt, and securely delete.
UltraSentry is the personal security system for your sensitive data. Delete files so that it's physically and forensically unrecoverable. Ecrypt and lock your most sensitive files and folders. UltraSentry is the complete data security solution.

Your personal subscription license includes:

  • All 5 Windows applications we publish
  • Mac/Linux versions of UE and UC
  • Mobility versions of UE and UC
  • Free ongoing updates/upgrades for each app
  • A single license key for all apps
  • 5 unique installs for each app *
  • No-hassle licensing and renewal

* For personal single-user subscription licenses only

Trial Download

Price information

Download Trail English 32-bit (49049 kB)

Download Trail English 64-bit (57624 kB)

Select Product / License Count / Delivery type




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 1-24 user license Incl. first release update (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 1-24 user license Incl. 1 year extended upgrades (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 25-49 user license Incl. first release update (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 25-49 user license Incl. 1 year extended upgrades (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 50-99 user license Incl. first release update (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 50-99 user license Incl. 1 year extended upgrades (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 100-199 user license Incl. first release update (e-mail)




UltraEdit (incl. UltraCompare) 100-199 user license Incl. 1 year extended upgrades (e-mail)




UE/UC/US/UF Suite 1-24 user license Incl. 1 year Maintenance (email)




IDM All-Acces (UE/UES/UF/UC/US) 1-24 user license - 1 year subscription (email)




Pricing is based on prepayment and excluding VAT / BTW / MwSt / TVA.

All multi-user licenses are priced PER USER!
Please contact us for 200+ site licenses.

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Last updated : 12-01-2018


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