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Version: 11

Date: 2015

Transend Migrator


Transend Migrator is an easy to install and use Windows utility for converting email data between virtually all legacy and leading edge email systems and clients, including Microsoft Outlook/Exchange, IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, Novell GroupWise, IMAP, Office365/BPOS, Mirapoint, Sun Messaging Systems, Gmail (Google Apps), Mozilla Thunderbird, MBOX, POP, Eudora, Outlook Express and more. The same user interface allows end users and technicians to convert a single user account or thousands of accounts at once in batch mode from a central location. For those who prefer, Transend Migrator also supports batch mode migration via command line.

  • Over 30 million mailboxes migrated
  • Winner of the Windows IT Pro Editors’ Best Award for Best Messaging Product.
  • Used by large and smaller enterprises throughout the world, including the most renowned IT departments and consulting services


Transend Migrator contains a rich set of features that make up the most powerful, flexible and customizable migration tool on the market. While the full list of features are described in more detail in the White Papers and Help File, below are some of the more commonly used features:

Folder Mapping
Migrate folders with a certain name in the Source system into folders with a different name in the target system.

Selecting Specific Folders for Migration
By default Transend Migrator converts all folders in the source email mailbox. However, users can choose to migrate only specific folders, or exclude specific folders from their migration.

Address Translation
Transend Migrator contains a Translation Table which allows users to migrate data from an email address in the source system into a mailbox with a different email address in the target system. For example, if a company is acquired and changes its name, user email addresses in the new server might not work going forward because the email addresses are no longer valid. In this case users would use the Translation Table to migrate messages and have them repliable by translating their old addresses into their new addresses.

Concurrent Migrations
Transend Migrator has the ability to migrate more than one account at a time with Concurrent Migrations. During a batch process, Transend Migrator will migrate each account in entry order. It starts at the top and works through the list until the list is complete. By increasing the number of Concurrent Migrations, a significant increase in migration throughput is achieved.

Migration Monitor
The Migration Monitor displays the real-time status of all user mailboxes as they are migrated. The Migration Monitor is a multi-threaded process, which means that multiple accounts can be migrated at the same time if the email systems support concurrent migrations.

Schedule Migration
Administrators or end users may schedule a migration to begin at a later time by setting the start time on the Migration Schedule screen. Migrations performed later in the evening generally receive optimal performance, bandwidth, and no interruption. If there are other processes that must begin while the migration is running then users may also pause the migration, and continue after the processes are complete.

Entity Matching
Load lists of users from selected source and target systems and automatically match source users to target users. The results are then imported into the Batch Mode Data table for use in automating a batch migration. The match is done based primarily on the email address and secondarily on the display name. Once a match is made, the data imported into the data table consists of whatever is needed to connect to the systems in question.

Inventory Source Data
Get a snapshot of your source data prior to migration by creating a report of the source account. This report will list the folder, email, and attachment totals. You may also customize the report to include each folder name and subtotals by folder.

Custom Options
Transend Migrator contains hundreds of Custom Options that allow its default behavior to be altered. General options and email system-specific options allow customization to any particular migration scenario.

Language Translation
Transend Migrator automatically determines what type of character set conversion is necessary for migration.

Command Line Processing
While Transend Migrator no longer requires that users run batch mode via command line only, the functionality still remains. For those who prefer, batch migrations can be automated via command line to run in virtually any environment or specialized situation.

Migration reports in XML format will be created after each run, and they can be viewed and saved with Microsoft Excel. Custom Options are available to increase or decrease the level of detail captured in reports.

The default detail contained within the XML Report contains the following information:

  • User ID
  • Status
  • Database / User
  • Time Started
  • Time Ended
  • Elapsed Time
  • Folder Count
  • Email Count
  • Address Count
  • Calendar Count
  • Task Count
  • Attachment Count
  • Skipped Entries
  • Data Rate (megabytes per hour)

Enhanced Logging
Transend Migrator will create a master log file that contains detailed information about the migration session. User specific log files will also be created that contain detailed information about a specific user migration, including errors that may have occurred. The log files are HTML and are viewable in an Internet browser. The option to create text based log files is also available.

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Last updated : 15-01-2021


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