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Version: 6.5

Date: -

SSH Server for Windows XP/2008/2012/7/8/10


The product provides secure remote access to your Windows machine that includes:

  • Secure Remote Console
  • Secure File Transfer (SFTP and SCP)
  • Port Forwarding (secure TCP/IP connection tunneling)

GoodTech SSH Server is a server application that runs on a host computer and allows remote users to securely access the host. When GoodTech SSH Server is installed on your Windows system, you can securely telnet from remote systems and run programs on your Windows System. It is a secure, functional, easy to use and high performance tool, that is written based on security standards, can communicate with any standard SSH client and is highly integrated with Windows operating system. You can connect to GoodTech SSH Server from anywhere in the world and login as if you were sitting at the console, using SSH client. Whether you are a system administrator, a programmer or a DOS application user, GoodTech SSH Server can provide you with the SSH Server functionality that you need.

Product Uses

Secure Command Shell

  • Remotely and securely administrate corporate servers
    With SSH Server, the remote administrator can support a system that may be physically located miles away. You can securely access and administrate web, mail, database, and application servers.
  • Remotely and securely maintain corporate user machines
    You can securely control and maintain corporate user machines from your desk. The machines can be physically spread out miles away from you and from each other.
  • Share corporate server resources
    Remote users can run programs on corporate servers rather than on their machine. It is more efficient to do so in case the program requires large amounts of resources that reside on the host.
  • Edit files remotely
    Use text oriented editors (e.g., EDIT and vi) to edit files on the remote system.
  • Remote-command execution
    Run unattended batch files or scripts using remote command execution.
  • Run old platform applications
    You can port applications from old platforms to run on Win NT/2000/XP/2003. A secure shell is used to provide the interface to the users.
  • Run multiple users on a single Windows system
    Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 can handle multiple users running different jobs at the same time. For example, a compilation server can be used by a group of programmers at the same time.

Secure File Transfer

  • Automated secure file transfers
    Use secure clients to automate file transfers.
  • Internet/Intranet file transfer
    Secure upload and download of files from/to the corporate to/from outside the corporate.
  • Business-to-business solutions
    Create a secure file sharing infrastructure for exchanging files with customers and partners.

Port Forwarding / Tunneling

  • Turn any standard TCP/IP insecure server applications into secured apps
    Use GoodTech SSH Server secure channel. GoodTech secure server communicates securely with the client and forwards the communication to the insecure server application.

Product Features

Secure Shell

  • Provide secure remote access based on SSH2 protocol standard
  • Control access to servers and networks using Windows built-in usernames and passwords
  • Support for a wide selection of ciphers including: Blowfish, RC4,IDEA
  • Host server identifies itself to a client using a unique host key
  • Limit the access by host names or IP addresses
  • Forward TCP/IP ports to a secure channel
  • Access to files and folders is restricted based on Windows operating system permissions
  • Control which IP and port to listen on
  • Connect with a wide variety of Secure Shell clients including: OpenSSH, PUTTY, F-Secure, SSH Communications, and other standard SSH2 clients

Command Shell

  • Use CMD.exe or other popular shells available like Bash, Korn and C Shell
  • Support for VT 100, VT 220, etc
  • Option to switch between screen mode for screen mode applications to line mode with scroll buffer
  • F1 thru F12, CTRL-F1 thru CTRL-F12, SHIFT-F1 thru SHIFT-F12, ALT-F1 thru ALT-F12. Support for CTRL-C and ESC
  • Colorful and graphic PC applications keep their look. (i.e. Edit.com, FCW.exe, etc.) Support for screen size other than 25*80

Secure File Transfer

  • Connect with a wide variety of Secure FTP clients including: WinSCP, CuteFTP, etc

Administration & Configuration

  • Control services, user sessions and printer queues via either command line interface or a Web interface
  • Control services: Shutdown, restart, pause, and resume. Control user sessions: monitor user sessions, enable/disable new sessions, limit the number of sessions, kill open session, etc
  • Configure general server options like listening port, idle timeout period, etc
  • Generation and management of the host server key
  • Choose SSH protocol, cipher algorithm for data encryption, MAC for data integrity and compression for faster transfer rate
  • Configure which hosts can connect by IP address


  • Display customized text when users connect
  • Allow user to automatically run an application/script following logon
  • Allow to set up user home directory

Server Application

  • Graceful termination in all cases including abnormal termination of client because of link or computer failure
  • Logon using a local machine user or a domain user
  • Allow a remote host program to print on the printer attached to your local terminal (or PC running terminal emulation)

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