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Version: 5

Date: 2010

FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms


FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5 is the award-winning, Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet component for .NET from GrapeCity. Spread products are high performance, enterprise-strength spreadsheet components, and come battle-tested by over 100,000 registered developers worldwide.

Why Buy Spread for Windows Forms?
Today, users expect their applications to provide them with a familiar, intuitive, comfortable user experience. And what is more familiar than Microsoft Excel? We have spent over 18 years perfecting Spread to allow you to provide just such a user experience. Spread allows users to aggregate, analyze, adjust, and share data just like Microsoft Excel, in your own custom application. You can maintain business rules, security, and data integrity,

  • Pioneering .NET Spreadsheet Component with Many Firsts
  • Microsoft Excel Compatible
  • New! Chart Control and Integrated Spreadsheet Charting
  • Almost Unlimited Customization
  • Intuitive Designers for .NET
  • Flexible Data Binding Support
  • Printing/PDF Support
  • Quality Tested by Tens of Thousands of Users
  • Rich Collection of Tools
  • World Class Performance and Quality
  • Rich Product and Public Knowledge Base

Pioneering .NET Spreadsheet Component with Many Firsts
Spread introduced a number of technologies to Microsoft developers all over the world for the very first time, including the first full-featured spreadsheet component for Visual Basic, with the first spreadsheet designer, followed by Microsoft Visual Studio� .NET versions, and an array of new Excel-compatibility features and advanced customizations.

Microsoft Excel Compatible
You can import data from and export data with formatting to Microsoft Excel, for individual spreadsheets and entire workbooks. Spread supports several versions of Excel and several file types, including Excel files (XLS, XLSX), comma-delimited files (CSV), and text files (TXT).

Chart Control and Integrated Spreadsheet Charting
Spread for Windows Forms 5 now includes full-featured 2D and 3D charts. Chart types include Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area, XY, Bubble, Stock, XYZ, Doughnut, Radar, and Polar. You can add charts using code, the Spread Designer, or the Chart Designer. You can also bind charts and let the end user make changes to the chart at run time. The fully integrated charting support in Spread features built-in menus and dialogs that you can use, and allow your end-users to use, for creating and modifying charts in the spreadsheet just as you would in Microsoft Excel.

Almost Unlimited Customization
Spread is the world's most powerful spreadsheet component for .NET. It offers an extensive code-behind, event-based API, plus the ability to customize almost any element of the user interface or application behavior at run time. Developers have long used Spread to embed advanced Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet features into their .NET applications ? features that would otherwise be considered impossible to achieve.

Intuitive Designers for .NET
Spread comes with an easy-to-use, intuitive spreadsheet designer that makes designing detailed spreadsheets and user screens a snap without writing a single line of code. Whether it is designing new screens or editing existing ones, the Designer?s new ribbon tool bar interface makes it easy to do so using a Microsoft Excel-like, visual, drag-and-drop user interface. The provided Chart Designer makes it easy to design stunning charts and spreadsheet dashboards by allowing almost unlimited customization of your charts.

Flexible Data Binding Support
Spread allows you to bind to a variety of data sources ? including run-time unbound data. It supports binding spreadsheets to enterprise databases and .NET collections such as data sets, data views, and data tables, and any BindingSource object or other object that implements the IList or IListSource interface. You can also bind a sheet, column, or cell range.

Printing/PDF Support
You can customize the printing of your spreadsheets with many different printing options. For example, you can have colors and images in headers and footers. You can print parts of the sheet as needed. You can also print to a Portable Document Format (PDF) file. You can even take charge of the printing in your code using the owner print drawing support.

Quality Tested by Tens of Thousands of Users
More than a decade ago, Spread became the first spreadsheet component to work inside the Visual Basic IDE. Since then, the COM version ? and now the .NET version ? have not only been used by tens of thousands of developers, but also have become one of the only spreadsheet components to be successfully localized, sold, and supported in Japan, Europe, and the United States.

Rich Collection of Tools
When you buy Spread for Windows Forms 5, you get access to not just a powerful Windows Forms component, but a number of additional tools and features. These include the Spread Designer Tool, complete with Microsoft Office 2007-style look and feel, the Chart Designer, FormulaTextBox and FormulaProvider, Microsoft Visual Studio-integrated designers and property editors, charts, Microsoft Excel import/export APIs, and a comprehensive SDK.

World Class Performance and Quality
If you admired Spread for its world-class quality, powerful features, and tools, you will love version 5 even more. The new version contains a number of improvements to enhance the performance and quality of the spreadsheet engine, making it better, faster, and smarter than ever before.

Rich Product and Public Knowledge Base
When you buy Spread products, you are getting a market leader. You are getting thorough documentation. You are getting technical support and expert advice. You are getting the confidence of knowing that for the last decade, over 100,000 developers have adopted and enriched the product with their experience and skills, and have contributed to a global online knowledge base in the form of innumerable forum discussions, articles, comparisons, blogs, and emails.

What's New in FarPoint Spread for Windows Forms 5

Visualize your spreadsheet data using charts inside of Spread

  • Fully integrated charting support with over 85 different chart types and built-in user interface for creating and customizing charts.
  • Present your data in Charts that are integrated in Spread.
  • Present your data in Charts using the FpChart stand-alone Control(outside of Spread).

Use Chart Designer and integrated menus and dialogs to create and manipulate charts in your Spread dashboards without writing code

  • Use the Change Chart Type and Select Data dialogs to create your charts at design time, or allow your end-users to modify their charts at run time.
  • Use the Chart Designer at design time or run time to modify the formatting of your charts.

Leverage the enhanced Microsoft Excel-compatible spreadsheet features

  • Document Caching provides lossless editing of Microsoft Excel files containing macros, script code, and other previously unsupported content.
  • New support for Microsoft Excel import and export of shapes and charts.
  • New support for importing and exporting Excel 2007 workbooks using ISO-OOXML compliant passwords (new in Excel 2007 SP2).

Simplify your development using new Spread Designer capabilities to design powerful user interfaces

  • New ribbon bar interface similar to Microsoft Excel 2007.
  • Set multiline text in the header cells.
  • Set Microsoft Outlook-style grouping in design time.
  • Set conditional formats.
  • Clipboard support for entire sheets.

Get a fast start with the new Quick Start Wizard and begin designing powerful user interfaces today!

  • Data bindings.
  • Rows and Columns.
  • And many more attributes.

Perform advanced Calculations using these new functions

  • AverageIf
  • AverageIfs
  • CountIfs
  • IfError
  • Match
  • Search
  • SumIfs
  • Text

Enhance your user experience with these new and improved usability features

  • Sort numeric column filter lists.
  • Display a current row indicator.
  • Move multiple columns or rows.
  • Provide enhanced mouse interaction with buttons in cells.
  • Customize scrolling increments.
  • Use new display options for sheet titles, subtitles, row preview, and scrolling.
  • Provide new clipboard enhancements.
  • Select, move, and size shapes and charts while the sheet is zoomed.
  • Provide multiple links and string trimming in hyperlink cells.
  • Set a custom cursor for the gray area in a sheet (beyond the last row and column).
  • New column and group footers with calculated and formatted values.

Additional enhancements for these existing features

  • More control over edit mode.
  • Improved export of text from a sheet.
  • Enhance date and time data entry.
  • Select multiple list items in list box cells.
  • Customize display of text in cells and notes.
  • Display buttons in cells.
  • Display tool tips over buttons in cells.
  • Improved display empty values.
  • Display cell note indicators in any corner of the cell.
  • Display column sort and filter indicators for each column in any header row.
  • Customize images displayed for row expand/collapse, row selector, column filter, column sort, and new sheet tab indicators.
  • Enhanced Outlook-style grouping of data.

Product licensing is one licensed copy per developer. There are no run-time or royalty fees.
If you have five developers working on the project, you need five licenses and can deploy to any number of users.

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