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Version: 2021

Date: 10-2020

SchemaAgent 2021


Altova SchemaAgent 2019 is a visionary tool for analyzing and managing relationships among XML-based files - across a project, an intranet, or even an enterprise. SchemaAgent gives you an accurate picture of your XML infrastructure in a matter of seconds, giving you the knowledge you need to efficiently manage, edit, and reuse components in a productive, error-free manner.

XML Schema Management
SchemaAgent uses graphical components and color-coded lines to present you with a visual representation of your XML information architecture. This allows you to quickly ascertain the relationships that exist between associated schemas, as well as the various components and data types that exist within each schema. It's easy to modify connections and create new relationships using simple drag and drop functionality. Learn more about XML Schema management using SchemaAgent.

XSLT File Management
By viewing relationships between XSLT 1.0/2.0/3.0 stylesheets and other files in the SchemaAgent graphical design view, you're able to immediately understand how any changes you make will impact related files. In addition, because SchemaAgent allows you to create and change relationships between files graphically, you can easily reuse existing components and reduce redundant development efforts.

WSDL File Management
When you drag a WSDL file from the SchemaAgent explorer pane onto the design pane, SchemaAgent represents it as a graphical component with details about imported WSDL and XML Schema files, inline schemas, namespaces, and definitions contained in the WSDL document. These relationships can be managed easily within SchemaAgent with changes automatically propagated to impacted files.

MapForce Integration
When XML Schemas are utilized as the source and/or target of a MapForce data mapping project, SchemaAgent displays the mapped nodes used in each schema. Related XML instance and WSDL files are also displayed, presenting you with a complete, accurate representation of how XML assets are used and linked throughout your organization.

SchemaAgent automatically finds relevant files in your search path and displays them in its explorer pane for easy navigation. Simply drag a file from the explorer onto the design pane, and SchemaAgent displays it as a graphical component with details about related files, namespaces, global components, and more. A right-click menu lets you add all referenced, referencing, related, and linked XML Schema Definition (XSD), XML instance , XSLT, WSDL, and/or MapForce design (MFD) files as graphical components on the design pane.

Associations between files are indicated by color coded lines linking the graphical components. You can create or change import, include, and redefine (IIR) references by dragging-and-dropping connecting lines between components, and the corresponding code is automatically added to all impacted files. SchemaAgent can be run stand-alone or in client/server mode to share resources in a workgroup. In addition, you can access its XML Schema management functionality while working in the graphical XML Schema editor in XMLSpy.

Since SchemaAgent allows you to analyze and manage your XML Schema, XSLT, and WSDL files as a pool of resources, you can easily construct complex documents from elements of files distributed about your network. This promotes the design of componentized files on which your group can standardize, and allows you to re-use existing components to reduce development times. SchemaAgent 2013 is an invaluable tool for visualizing, modeling, and reusing your XML information assets

What is new in version 2021

  • Bug fixes and other enhancements

License Types for Altova Software Products
The following is a short description of the available license types.

Installed Users
You may install and use a copy of the software on your compatible computer, up to the permitted number of users. Example: package size 5 -> install and use on up to 5 computers.

Concurrent Users
You may install the software on any compatible computers, up to ten (10) times the permitted number of users, provided that only the permitted number of users actually use the software at the same time. Example: package size 5 -> install on up to 50 (10 times 5) computers and use on up to 5 computers at the same time.

Named Users
If you have licensed the "Named User" version of the software, you may install the Software on up to 5 compatible personal computers or workstations of which you are the primary user thereby allowing you to switch from one computer to the other as necessary provided that only one instance of the Software will be used by you as the Named User at any given time. If you have purchased multiple Named User licenses, each individual Named User will receive a separate license key code.

Please note that for some products not all of the licensing models mentioned above may be available.

SchemaAgent is also available in Altova MissionKit.

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Last updated : 20-11-2020


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