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Version: 5.19.5

Date: 4-2021



PingPlotter graphs latency and packet loss between your computer and a target website or server so you can spend less time inspecting the issue and more time fixing it.

1. Target your service
Enter the address of the website or server that's causing you problems

2. Inspect the route
Visualize traceroute results to learn if the problem occurs on your local network, the target service, or somewhere in between.

3. Analyze over time
See network performance history to correlate the problem with events that may be the culprit.

Voice of Reason
Unproductive finger-pointing often occurs in conversations about who is causing a network problem. In situations like these PingPlotter, offers a quantitative point of view to help everyone focus on the facts.

Service Providers
PingPlotter helps Internet, VoIP, MSP, and SaaS providers keep customers connected to their services.

  • Minimize downtime and improve user experiences
  • Collect diagnostic data from customer machines
  • Collaborate with your team around PingPlotter results

End Users
PingPotter helps IT pros, gamers, remote workers, streamers, and anyone else find solutions to network problems.

  • Identify the source of internet connection problems
  • Build a case to help communicate what you're experiencing
  • Easily share results online with people who can help

Standard Edition
Streamlined network testing great for testing connections and isolating network problems.

  • Simultaneous Targets - Two at a time
  • Timeline Graphs - Unlimited history, graph all hops
  • Packet Types - ICMP, UDP, TCP (Windows only)
  • Metrics - Latency, packet loss
  • Automated Alerts - 8 alert events
  • Network Discovery - Scan for connected devices

Professional Edition
A powerful toolset designed for monitoring and inspecting large or complex networks.

  • Simultaneous Targets - Hundreds at a time
  • Timeline Graphs - Unlimited history, graph all hops
  • Packet Types - ICMP, UDP, TCP (Windows only)
  • Metrics - Jitter, MOS, latency, packet loss
  • Automated Alerts - 10 alert events
  • Network Discovery - Scan for connected devices

Professional has advanced features

  • Remote Web Access - Web interface
  • Multi-target Management - Summary screens
  • VoIP Monitoring - Jitter graph
  • Remote Data Collection - Remote agent
  • CloudConnect Monitoring - Available as add-on
  • Reuseable Packet Settings - Named configurations
  • Network Interface Card Selection - Customizable NIC traces
  • Trace Final Hop Only - Trace final hop or full route

Release Notes PingPlotter 5.19.5


  • Improved UDP packet generator reliability after a network change.
  • Improved PingPlotter's ability to connect during startup when installed as a service.


  • Fixed "UNIQUE constraint failed: Comments.ID" error, which affected some users with persistent comments.
  • Fixed a critical issue that would prevent PingPlotter from shutting down and periodically cause Agents to stop collecting data.
  • (Windows) Fixed an issue in which the Windows Service was unable to shut down in certain scenarios (especially on Cloud Agents).
  • (Windows) When updating or modifying a version 5.19.x install, PingPlotter will no longer incorrectly prompt for a reboot.
  • (Windows) Closing a PingPlotter Cloud Agent that also has an expired Professional trial associated with the install will no longer pester you for confirmation.
  • (Web UI) The Web UI will no longer display "ArgumentNullException obj can not be null" during CloudConnect Controller sessions sync.

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Last updated : 12-05-2024


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