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Version: 5.2

Date: 10-2016



Network Forensic Analysis Application

nChronos is a Network Forensic Analysis application for high performance & critical enterprise networks. It combines the nChronos Console with the nChronos Server to deliver the capability of 24x7 continuous packet capturing, unlimited data storage, efficient data mining and in depth traffic analysis solution. nChronos doesn't rely on SNMP or Netflow but captures 100% of all data captured for real-time analysis as well as historical playback.

nChronos was designed for monitoring medium and large corporate installations. nChronos connects to your company's core router or switch and monitors all network traffic, emails and chat sessions inbound and outbound. nChronos provides the ability to monitor abnormal traffic and alert upon detection of "Suspicious Conversations". Only when network engineers monitor network activities of the entire network at the packet level are they able to identify abnormal network activities and protect their companies from cyber-crime and cyber-attacks.

nChronos can not only alert you of an Cyber Attack, it will record all packet data. This ability to record all network packet data provides you with the ability to "rewind" and "replay" the actual network activity as it occurred. Companies have video cameras to monitor who physically enters their business afterhours, now with nChronos you can monitor and record data activity in a similar manner. The time has come where theft of company assets and intellectual property from data streams and network activity is the greater threat. With a relatively minor investment, nChronos can provide insight and deep packet analysis of all network activity.

nChronos Console provide quick access to all distributed deployed nChronos Servers where packets are stored, it serves as the center of the enterprise network management which is capable of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities, drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues.

nChronos Server performs 7x24 real-time packet capturing and continually store to hard disk for quick packets and statistics retrieval. With flexible and non-intrusive deployment with standard network mirror port or link tap technologies, it provides native packets for the Console to go back in time and complete retrospective network analysis.

Help IT Professionals to

  • Retrospectively analyze the historical network traffic.
  • Ability to "Replay" and view a cyber-attack as if it were "real-time".
  • Ability to monitor, record and save all email communication.
  • Ability to isolate Application Issues from Network Issues
  • Proactive network monitoring and cost-effective network management.
  • Efficient drill-down for data-mining & index.
  • Provide forensics analysis and mitigate security risks.
  • Remote access for distributed LAN/WAN network management.

Features and Improvements of nChronos 5.2

  • A Network Segment Group view is added for link analysis and application performance analysis.
  • An Application Group view is added to display the statistics based on application groups.
  • Added baseline analysis feature.
  • Added baseline alarm, blacklist alarm and whitelist alarm.
  • DSCP virtual interface statistics are supported.
  • LDAP authentication and Radius authentication are supported.Added user privilege management.
  • TCP transaction analysis is provided.
  • nChronos Console display style can be switched between classic style and dark style.
  • Virtual interfaces can be specified to identify IP layer.
  • Traffic alarm can be defined based on the traffic statistics between segments.

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