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Version: 3.11

Date: 5-2016

Kiwi Cat Tools


Kiwi CatTools: A Powerful Configuration Management & Network Automation Tool

Kiwi CatTools Key Features

Schedule network configuration updates and backups.

Manage configurations from your desktop for network devices - including routers, switches and firewalls.

Generate network device configuration reports, such as port, MAC, ARP and version details.

Automatically receive email notifications about any network configuration changes.

Compare a network deviceĆ¢??s current configuration to the startup configuration.


An Activity is the method by which CatTools performs a certain function. For example: To backup your devices you would create an Activity of type: Device.Backup.Running Config. To this you would link all of the Devices that you want to be backed up. Finally you would schedule or "Run Now" to complete the process. Below are a list of the different Activities available grouped by type.

Sending Commands to Your Devices
You can send CLI commands to your device or use a template to update it via these simple to use yet powerful Activities. With just a tick of a box for example you can ensure your changes are saved to the startup config.

Test Connectivity
To quickly and easily establish the availability of a device the following Activities are included:

  • Device.ConnectivityTest.Ping - Ping each device and return the round trip statistics.
  • Device.ConnectivityTest.Login - Connect to and log into each device confirming its availability.
  • Device.InterDevice.Ping - Ping a series of addresses from each device.

Many different kinds of reports can be generated by CatTools and emailed to you, such as ARP Table, Compare Reports, Interface Stats and Errors, MAC Address Table, SNMP System Summary, and more.

Backing Up Your Devices
The backup process involves obtaining a copy of the running config from your device. This is then compared to any dated config and a difference report generated if necessary that can be emailed to you immediatly.

CatTools contains an internal TFTP server that you can use to receive files sent from your devices but if you want to send those files back again the easiest way is to use this built in Activity.

Database Maintenance
Included for maximum flexibility the DB. Activities allow you to update the Devices database at any time. For example, if you change the password on your TACAS server, you can update all of your Devices in CatTools with one simple job.

What's New for version 3.11

  • IPv6 Support
  • SSL/TLS Email support
  • Variations for HP.Switch.2500, RedHat Linux, Checkpoint VPN & Huawei General
  • HP Procurve Software Updates
  • Include the variations files (or folder) in the tech-support zip
  • ARP Report Support for Checkpoint Firewalls

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Last updated : 06-07-2018


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