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Version: 5.0

Date: 2017

gpg4o / Enterprise KeyServer


Targeted protection of sensitive content - with IT-Security made in Germany
Preserve the privacy of your electronic correspondence. Send confidential email in Microsoft Outlook 2010/2013 safely once and for all with gpg4o, developed by Giegerich & Partner, based on OpenPGP, one of the most widely used and safest cryptographic techniques worldwide. gpg4o is suitable both for private and enterprise use.

Your major benefits with gpg4o:

  • gpg4o by Giegerich & Partner guarantees the privacy of your electronic correspondence by mail encryption
  • Send confidential emails safely once and for all:
    gpg4o enables the integration of one of the most widely used and safest email encryption systems into Microsoft Outlook 2010® and for Microsoft Outlook 2013
  • Easy installation and an intuitive user experience help you to preserve the privacy of your email.

With the gpg4o product maintenance, gpg4o provides you always with the latest features for more security and an even better user experience.

The most important features:

  • Support of Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Microsoft Outlook 2010 plus local installations of Office 365.
  • Support of Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, supporting 32/64 bit versions if applicable.
  • gpg4o supports the following types of mail accounts: Microsoft Exchange *) POP3, IMAP4, Active Sync (e.g. Outlook.com, formely known as live.com or hotmail.com). Compatible to Kerio connect.
  • gpg4o is based on OpenPGP encryption by using GnuPG(GPG) and is compatible to other OpenPGP based implementations like enigmail, Symantec Encryption (former PGP Desktop) and Symantec Encryption Gateway (former PGP Universal), GPGMail, KMAil and others. More information available in our compatibility list.
  • gpg4o allows you to create automated sending rules (e.g. always encrypt to dedicated mail-receivers) *)
  • gpg4o intergrates seamless with Microsoft Outlook. You may still use Microsofts S/MIME integration in Outlook
  • gpg4o provides you with great user experience and is suitable for normal users.
  • gpg4o is �??IT Security made in Germany�??

gpg4o is suitable for enterprise use as well as for private use. The requirements of both user groups are different though. Administrators in enterprises need additional or different features regarding installation, administration, mail archiving and backup. This was one of the main reasons for our decision to offer a lean and cheap home & student edition for private use and educational business. All functions of the home & student edition ar as well available in the full version.

Additional features for enterprise use (full version)

  • Support for silent installation and rollout. gpg4o uses the Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) and therefore is compatible to the usual tools for software distribution within companies.
  • Integration with Microsoft Terminalserver: gpg4o installs as usual. You are only required to buy licenses for the users who need gpg4o.
  • Licensing model: gpg4o is licensed per user (or role account). gpg4o may be used on different systems and / or profiles parallel as long as it is the same person using it.
  • Centralized Keymanagment: Administrators are enabled to generate keypairs in batch-mode. The keys may distributed among the gpg4o installations then.
  • Only encrypt attachments: gpg4o lets you choose between a maximum of security by encrypting complete emails or the convenience to only encrypt attachments. gpg4o may be configured the way that decrypted messages stay decrypted.
  • Interoperation with DATEV Software: If you use DATEV Software, please ask us for special installation instructions.
  • Internationalisation: gpg4o supports UTF-8 (Unicode) both in mail bodies and attachments. This helps you to communicate with partners around the world.
  • gpg4o supports different account types, even parallel: Microsoft Exchange, POP3, IMAP4, Exchange Activesync (e.g. outlook.com)
  • Groupware solutions: Zarafa, Kerio Connect and Microsoft Exchange are tested groupware solutions.
  • Features for handicapped: Screenreaders are supported not only to read the mails body but to inform you about the encryption status and other GnuPG related information.
  • Migration assistant: You do need to change hardware? No problem with gpg4o. Just backup your gpg4o installation and move the installation to new hardware. Your keyrings, options, trust-settings, active accounts and gpg4o-settings remain untouched.
  • Indivual configured send rules: If you communicate with lots of other communication partners this feature will help you much. Preset whether you want to encrypt and / or sign emails to by example specific partners or when a special keyword in the mail is found (much more options available)
  • Administrators are now able to integrate gpg4o with group policies via policy editor.

Choosen new features in version 3.4 of gpg4o

  • Keyservers and the Autoimport Keyserver may be defined centrally by administrators
  • Support for teams with role models and support for the Outlook assistant function. Virtual account help you do so
  • Detached (PGP/MIME) signatures may now be inspected correctly.
  • Better overview about necessary keys for one email. Coloured marks for ambigious or missing keys
  • Users may now import keys from clipboard
  • Use of keys by means of sending rules is marked with colours for easy overview
  • Consequent usage of long key-IDs in gpg4o double checked

Enterprise KeyServer

The Enterprise KeyServer (EKS) is the ideal companion for email encryption in businesses and other organizations with OpenPGP supporting clients (e.g. Outlook with gpg4o).

Currently available public key servers are not suited to the requirements for key management in business environments. Key management is often a task even experienced OpenPGP users fail to implement correctly because of the unnecessary complexity and lack of management features in traditional key servers. In businesses key management itself is perceived as a complex time-consuming task unsuitable for standard users.

A solution for Windows environments is available with the Enterprise KeyServer (EKS) by Giegerich & Partner. EKS offers the following features:

  • Implementation of the OpenPGP HTTP Keyserver Protocol (HKP) for Upload and Download of keys and revoke certificates.
  • Runs on any current Windows operating system: WIndows 7, 8.x, 10, Server 2012 R2 or newer. All other system components (IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express, .NET Frameworks) will be installed automatically.
  • Authorized Active Directory users can use advanced commands and delete keys.
  • Supports the Autoimport feature in gpg4o.
  • User-friendly key server web interface.
  • Easy to use Maintenance Tool for Administrators.
  • Key Synchronization Service with filters and scheduler.

For administrators in businesses it will be possible to pre-select and manage the key material for all users in the enterprise which will effectively lower thebarrier to OpenPGP-based email encryption for standard users.

EKS is supported by all OpenPGP/HKP-supporting email clients like gpg4o, Symantec Desktop Email Encryption, Enigmail, Mailvelope, K9-Mail etc.

Please contact BTSoftware for Enterprise KeyServer

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