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FusionCharts Suite XT


An experience so delightful, you can use it as one of your USPs.
FusionCharts Suite XT gives you the best looking javascript charts in the industry - exciting animation, smart designs and rich interactivity. Show off the beautiful dashboards in your product to drive more sales, or drive adoption of the application in your organization.

The same delight across devices, browsers and platforms.
PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones or Android devices, FusionCharts Suite XT offers a unified experience across all of them. It works with all your web and mobile applications, including IE 6, 7 and 8 that most components do not support but over 5% of the world still uses, especially the corporates.
(Source: w3schools)

It doesn't stop at delightful looks, it takes it to the engineering too.
The charts come with super-smart defaults, so you will need all of 15 minutes to create your first chart. And advanced reporting capabilities like unlimited drill-down, chart export and interactive legends are built right in, so your team can implement them in a matter of hours instead of needing weeks to build them.

Pure JavaScript under the hood
With an extensive JavaScript API, FusionCharts Suite XT brings you events, and methods for deep integration with other JavaScript libraries. It gives you complete control over each step of the charting process, and equips you to build the most advanced dashboards for your enterprise applications.

Extensive docs, ready-to-use dashboards and personalized tech support shorten implementation cycles even further.
FusionCharts Suite XT comes with exhaustive documentation having complete API and attribute definitions, integration examples and tutorial-style explanation of all the advanced capabilities. The dashboards simulate real-life business use cases and are the best place to get inspired from. And if you are stuck with a query, you don't have to scout 3rd party forums to find an answer just write in to our tech support and team and get an answer within 24 working hours. Implementation will be a breeze.

The industry's most comprehensive charting solution by a big fat margin.
Teams often make do with basic chart types because the component they are using doesn't support the advanced ones. But incorrect chart types lead to incorrect analysis, which in turn lead to incorrect business decisions. Surely, you want to do better for your customers. FusionCharts Suite XT gives you 90+ charts and graphs right from the basic ones to the more advanced Funnel, Heat Map, Zoom Line and Multi-Axis Charts. Data in your business applications will always have the right face for them.

Version 3.15.2

Events Support for Chord Diagram
In the last releases, we introduced 3 new charts which also included a Chord diagram. With this release, we are bringing API events and methods support to it. Now, developers can bind various click and hover events to chord diagram components, giving more flexibility to customize charts.

Support for CSS Transform
Prior to this release, support for CSS transform was limited and only rotation was possible. With this release, we have expanded the coverage of CSS transform in FusionCharts with all 2D transformations such as rotate, skew, skewX, skewY, scale, scaleX, scaleY, translate, translateX, translateY, and matrix. Now, users can just specify the attribute applyCSSTransform with value as 1 and FusionCharts will automatically handle the CSS transformation specified to the parent container.

Improved CSV Export
With FusionCharts 3.15.2, we have improved the CSV export structure for sparkline and spark column charts. The exported data is of the expected format and directly consumable now via any other spreadsheet tool or API.

Improvements across axis, tooltip, legend, and more...
Numerous improvements have been implemented across all charts:

  • Improvement of Y-axis to handle formatted numbers, decimals and number suffix or prefix in efficient manner.
  • Various tooltip macro fixes and improvements have been done across multiple charts such as zoomline, zoomlinedy and other stacked column and bar charts.
  • In the previous release, we introduced legend position customization.In this release, we've improved its behaviour across different browsers.
  • Improvement of getJSONData() and getChartData() API methods.

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Last updated : 20-11-2020


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