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Version: 2.40

Date: 2-2011

File Commander


File Commander is a 32 bit text mode file manager and shell that allows you to locate, copy, move, delete, view, edit and execute your files in a quick, convenient and customizable manner.

Its main display provides dual directory view panels that may serve as source and destination of a copy or move operation or just two different views of your files. A panel may also be used to view a directory tree, drive statistics or may be turned off altogether, making visible the output of previously executed commands.

A command line is also provided and operates in conjuction with the directory panels to make it much more powerful than a regular CLI including pasting file names from the panel, a command history recall window and command completion from history.

Main Features

  • Built in archive support including archives inside archives to any depth, with ZIP, ARJ, RAR, LZH, ACE, HA, TAR, GZip, 7ZIP and BZIP2 types currently supported.
  • Text mode for speed and other advantages
  • Mouse support.
  • Full Unicode file name support.
  • Full support for large files and volumes (up to 2^63 bytes).
  • Online help.
  • Many configuration options.
  • Colourization of file and directory names by boolean expression.
  • Built in file viewer with hex view mode and syntax highlighting.
  • Built in editor with undo/redo, syntax highlighting and cut/copy/paste ability using the global clipboard.
  • Code page translation function in viewer and editor.
  • File Find facility combining wildcard file name filters with file contents scanning. Allows search/replace of text within matching files.
  • Calculation of the total disk usage of a directory tree.
  • Tree views for quick and easy directory changes.
  • Intelligent execution of the different types of executables supported by OS/2 or Windows.
  • User definable menu including powerful operators such as
    - Run a command once for every tagged file.
    - Automatically create a file containing a list of tagged files.
    - Get input value from the user.
    - List all tagged files in the parameter list, automatically running the command multiple times if the command line gets too long.
  • Browsing of network servers & shares.
  • Directory history for changing back to recently viewed directories.
  • Easy creation of desktop objects.
  • Enhanced wildcard handling including boolean operators (and, or, not, brackets) for combining multiple file name masks.
  • Flexible file name filtering.
  • Support for 4DOS/4OS2 descriptions
  • Supports any number of display columns (minimum 80).
  • Start DOS programs with session settings (OS/2 only)

The following changes have been completed since the release of v2.30 and are included in v2.40:
New Features

  • Support includes in user menu files.
  • Unix port (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris).
  • Win64 port.
  • Use Unicode for all file names on Windows & Unix.
  • Syntax highlighting in the viewer.
  • Viewer and editor support for Unicode text files.
  • Symbolic link support in Unix & Windows.
  • - Panels display a link's target.
    - Ctrl-Shift-F5 creates a link.
    - F8-Delete knows not to recurse into a link to a directory.
    - Links to files require Windows Vista or later. Directory links require Windows 2000 or later and NTFS
  • Support for 7zip archives.
  • Support for bzip2 files.
  • Scroll back viewer to browse previous program output (Only enabled for unix by default).
  • File Information display (Ctrl-I) shows complete file metadata.
  • OS/2 & Windows: Ctrl-Shift-E to eject removable media & Ctrl-Shift-L to load.
  • Unix: Ctrl-M displays mount point selection list with eject function

Minor Enhancements

  • Change the search match highlight colour in the viewer from "Menu Bar" to "Highlight" which is consistent with the editor and more sensible.
  • Preserve the case of environment variable names.
  • Case insensitive matching is now Unicode based so will work with all languages.
  • Allow re-sorting of File Find results before search has finished.
  • Use a separate thread to update the file copy progress box to reduce flicker and improve copy speed.
  • Editor: line length limit of 64kB removed.
  • Windows: Don't query CWD of network drives at startup.
  • Windows: Resolve subst'd drives when determining if a file can be moved without copy/delete.
  • Added new syntax highlighting directive, "statechange" which allows more flexible state transitions.
  • Added includes in syntax defintion file.
  • Add support for Unicode file names in RAR archives.
  • TAR file support improvements
    - Fix checksum calculation when there are bytes in the header >127.
    - Interpret file names as UTF-8.
  • Added field in File Find to specify the code page used when searching files for the "Containing" string.
  • Copy/Move: Add ability to specify overwrite mode in the initial dialog so that you don't have to wait for the first collision to occur.
  • Add !lf operator to provide a list of tagged files with their full path.
  • Add !tf (tagged file with full path).
  • Add ability to remove an entry from command history with Delete key.
  • Syntax Highlighter: Add /w flag for syntax states of "word scope" to assist with LISP keywords.
  • Syntax Highlighter: Enable word characters to be redefined for each state.

Bug Fixes

  • User Menu: Make menu item hot key work if specified in lower case in the mnu file. This used to work in 2.20 but was broken while adding support for sub-menus.
  • Fix display of hex view when code page translation is active. Was "translating" the vertical bar separators.
  • Fix file copy ETA overflowing copy progress dialog & causing screen corruption when a huge file copy starts off slowly.
  • In Change Case, mixed mode should not capitalise the character after an apostrophe.
  • In viewer, fix background colour of line continuation markers (right arrow at the end of a line that's longer than the window when unwrapped).
  • Windows: Fix "Overwrite All Older" option on windows when using CopyFileEx.
  • Multi-file search/replace confirmation prompt, extend box width if necessary to fit the text values and don't overflow box if text still won't fit.
  • Fix !F when opposite panel is showing an archive's contents.
  • Fix !t behaviour in archives.

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