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Version: 11.0

Date: 3-2017

Database Performance Analyzer


Database Performance Analyzer monitors all of these databases from a single installation

  • SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • MySQL
  • DB2
  • Cloud

Quickly find the root cause of complex database problems slowing down your applications
Up to 88% of all application performance issues are related to the database. DPA�??s unique response time analysis shows you exactly what needs fixing - in four clicks or less.

Optimize performance anywhere
Database Performance Analyzer monitors on-premises, on VMware®, and in the Cloud, including Amazon AWS and Azure virtual machines.

Key Features

Expert tuning advisors
SQL query tuning advice for all skill levels helps both novices and experts quickly determine how to tune.

Monitors every active session, every second
Granular polling engine details exactly what's happening in your database without load on monitored instances.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis isolates root cause of complex issues
Correlate wait times, queries, users, files, plans, objects, storage and time to pinpoint problems.

Monitor all your databases from a single installation
Monitor Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, and ASE on premise, virtualize and in the Cloud.

Scalable, agentless architecture
Whether you are monitoring one or hundreds, DPA Central consolidates performance metrics from thousands of instances.

Integration with Orion® Platform
From Server and Application Monitor view databse performance in context of nodes and applications.

Why Database Performance Analyzer is the Performance Tool of Choice

Quickly find the root cause of complex problems
Response Time Analysis shows you exactly what needs fixing - whether you are a database expert or not.

Less than 1% load on monitored instances
Agentless architecture is safe for dev, test & production and scalable to monitor hundreds of databases.

Solve problems faster when teams collaborate
Developers, DBAs and server teams work together and eliminate finger pointing with full visibility.

Improve performance without additional server resources
Investing in hardware to resolve application performance problems is a big gamble unless you are certain the performance bottleneck is, in fact, caused by server resources. DPA helps pinpoint the root cause of problems and allows you to validate your hardware purchases.

Take a proactive stance to performance management
Identify anomalies before problems occur. Dynamic baselines compare historic performance to identify issues. Get alerts and custom reports too.

Monitors all your database in hybrid environments - on-premise, virtualized and in the Cloud
Don't be forced into different tools to monitor you databases - get DPA instead. It's the only tool that provides full coverage of your databases, no matter how it is deployed - physical, virtual, cloud or DBaaS, we've got you covered.

What's new in v11.0

Azure SQL database monitoring supported
Get the same great monitoring for your SQL Server infrastructure, no matter where it lives!

Amazon RDS Aurora monitoring supported
Monitor the fastest-growing RDS database on Amazon. Get to those hard-to-reach places!

AG status at the tip of your fingers
Get the status of your Always On Availability Group with the simple click of a button.

Support for Oracle adaptive plans
Make sure you know what the Oracle optimizer is doing to your execution plans. We now support adaptive plans.

System Requirement

Hard Drive
3GB / monitored instance


Java Virtual Machine

Supported Instances
Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Aurora, MariaDB, DB2, SAP ASE on all platforms (on-premises, virtualized, and cloud)

Database Repository
Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL on all platforms (on-premises, virtualized, and cloud) - including Azure SQL Database.

Operating System
Linux/Unix or Windows Server

Web Browser
IE, Firefox, and Chrome

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Last updated : 20-11-2020


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