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BB TestAssistant is...
a powerful and easy to use software testing tool that allows testers to make accurate reports of complex defects easily, and puts more information at the fingertips of developers.

Its sophisticated screen recording technology records your PC screen as you test.
When you hit a defect, everything leading up to it is recorded on video, giving developers a complete picture of what was happening at the time of failure, including keystrokes, computer configuration and the application under test. Use it to test Windows applications, websites or legacy applications.

The software test tool integrates with Jira and Trac systems
It collects and displays logging from the application under test as well as the Windows operating system, providing comprehensive data to view alongside the video.

TestAssistant is quick and easy to set up
It requires no programming, and is the only visual software testing tool you'll ever need for most software testing scenarios.

The Software Test Tool For Visual Testing

  • BB TestAssistant records video, sound, webcam, keystrokes and mouse position to make a movie that's easy to view and distribute.
  • BB TestAssistant records PC specification, mouse and keyboard inputs, and logging information generated by the target application:
    - Developers see exactly what happened - it gives an accurate and permanent record of events.
    - It integrates with applications under test.
    - Annotate movies with text, images, webcam recording and commentary to allow testers to comment on any problem.
    - Powerful editing and navigation lets you cut down recording to just show the issues.
    - Export to Flash, AVI, WMV, EXE or PPT formats, with full control over movie size and quality.
  • BB TestAssistant records continuously to a set hard disk space or time limit, to catch intermittent errors
  • Automatically records detailed PC configuration information to aid in problem diagnostics.
  • API allows integration with target application and test tools.
  • Records keystrokes and presents them in an easy to read, searchable user interface.
  • Collects logfiles generated by external programs and includes them in movie report.

BB TestAssistant Software Test Tool - Benefits

  • Ease of deployment and use - low training, no integration.
  • Reduces technical support costs by speeding up reporting.
  • Improves communications between test staff and developers - separates observations from inferences.
  • Increase tester effectiveness by catching hard to reproduce bugs.
  • Works in parallel with existing test strategies.
  • BB TestAssistant also catches severe Windows application errors automatically.
  • Visually explains the relationship between actions and observations.
  • Reduces the need for form - filling.
  • Eliminates reporting errors.
  • Equally suitable for trained or untrained testers.

Simplified Communication For Accurate Software Testing

  • BB TestAssistant works with project tracking systems to make bug reporting as simple as 'Show-and-Tell' - allowing the developer to see exactly what the tester actually did.
  • Designed specifically for software testing, TestAssistant records video, sound, webcam, keystrokes and mouse position to make a movie that's easy to view and distribute.
  • BB TestAssistant is designed to work in conjunction with modern software test methodologies and heuristics - and it does so without impacting the performance of applications under test.
  • In addition, TestAssistant can also capture log information generated by your own software and include it with the movie, giving a permanent record of all events - even errors that might not appear through the UI.
  • Using TestAssistant eliminates the need for testers to remember exactly what they did before they hit a bug, so they can concentrate on performing the tests in a more informal, creative way.

Key Features:

  • Event log: The Windows event log, external log files, key presses and mouse clicks are viewed side-by-side with the movie to show the status at any instant in time.
  • QA system integration: TestAssistant integrates fully with current industry-standard QA systems such as JIRA and Bugzilla. The integration API is open, so it's easy to add support for a preferred QA system as well.
  • Record everything: Everything the tester sees on their screen will be recorded by TestAssistant, even complex Windows Aero animations.
  • Editing: Once the video has been recorded, you can edit it from within TestAssistant to include annotations and audio commentary (which can also be supplied in real-time). You also have access to other video editing options such as clipping, cropping and quality adjustment.
  • Skip to edits: Each edit made by the tester acts as an anchor within the video that the developer can choose to skip to. This is particularly useful in long videos, or where the developer knows exactly which part he's looking for.
  • Projects: This UI feature allows users to define projects. A project holds common configuration settings related to a single application or set of applications which a tester is working with.
  • Remove Inactive Periods: This feature allows the user to identify and remove periods of inactivity within a movie.
  • Hide Other Processes: This security / data protection feature allows the user to restrict TestAssistant to record only a specific set of processes.
  • Export to Word: This feature allows a user to mark important points in a movie and add notes, then automatically produce a Word document containing screenshots of all these points, together with the notes.

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Last updated : 15-01-2021


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