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Version: 4.95

Date: 10-2016

Accent ZIP Password Recovery


Accent ZIP Password Recovery is the professional tool for recovering lost passwords to ZIP archives, with support for both classic encryption and the hard-to-crack WinZip AES encryption (.zip and .zipx archives). Lightning-fast recovery speeds accelerated on AMD and NVIDIA video cards and a pared-down interface put AccentZPR in a class of its own.

Key Advantages

  • Full support for ZIP archives created in any program (WinZip, 7zip, pkzip, WinRar, and more)
  • Speed optimized for AMD and Intel processors
  • Recover passwords up to 60 times faster with accelerated recovery using AMD and NVIDIA video cards
  • Best performance for the price

Accent ZIP Password Recovery fully supports all types of ZIP archives and recovers the passwords to archives created using any popular software (7Zip, pkzip, WinRar, WinZip and more).

The software is optimized for all modern Intel and AMD processors.

Accent ZIP Password Recovery uses AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to boost recovery speeds up to 60 times* with a set of two cards. This GPU technology is the key to cracking passwords that use WinZip AES encryption and classic Zip encryption.

The power of modern graphics cards gives an incredible performance boost, and their flexibility, scalability and affordability make AccentZPR the optimal solution for recovering lost Zip/WinZip passwords.

Main Features

  • Supports all types of ZIP archives (including classic ZIP encryption and WinZip AES encryption)
  • Recovers .zip, .zipx archives passwords
  • Works three ways, using brute force, mask and dictionary attacks
  • Offers the option of automated password recovery with predefined/user-defined scenarios
  • Lets the user set password mutation rules for dictionary attacks
  • Offers the position masking feature for brute force attacks
  • Supports NVIDIA graphics cards with CUDA technology (eighth generation GeForce graphics cards and later)
  • Supports AMD video cards with Stream/OpenCL technology (4XXX, 5XXX, 6XXX and 7XXX family AMD graphics cards)
  • Supports Unicode and ANSI dictionaries
  • Supports command-line interface (CLI)
  • Graphic interface is easy to use
  • Runs on Windows 8/7 and early Windows systems

Types of Attack
Accent ZIP Password Recovery supports three types of password attack, each of which has its pros and cons (learn more). Dictionary attacks are usually the most practical approach, saving time by limiting the search to the most likely passwords.

Automated Password Recovery
Scenarios define blocks of the most common passwords. The software uses pre-defined scenarios to automatically try common passwords without any user input. Great feature for new users.

AccentZPR uses a macrolanguage to describe password mutation rules for dictionary attacks. This makes it easy to tweak passwords, add words and symbols, and combine passwords from multiple dictionaries. This approach cracks passwords like "pa55word" or "VeryStrongPassword1234" much faster than other options. This option will be useful for forensic computing professionals and law enforcement.

Extended Mask Features
AccentZPR has an extended mask function that defines the set of symbols used in each position of a generated password during a brute force attack. The mask makes it easy to rapidly try all the passwords that meet its conditions. Another useful feature for professionals.

GPU Compatibility
Accent ZIP Password Recovery is compatible with AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards supporting NVIDIA CUDA and ATI Stream/OpenCL technology. In other words, AccentZPR can run on all modern AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards.

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Accent ZIP Password Recovery Ultimate license (CPU+more than 2 GPU devices)(email)




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Last updated : 06-07-2018


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