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Version: 7

Date: 11-2020



Bring the Power of X to Windows

The Xmanager Advantage

Latest Linux Support
With an X server based on X11R7.7, Xmanager supports Gnome 3 as well as OpenGL 3.1 (GLX 1.4).

Dynamic Remote Host Search
Automatically see available hosts and connect with a simple point-and-click. No need to set up individual sessions for each server.

Powerful Performance
Access remote Linux/UNIX desktop environments or run single X applications with buttery smooth performance.

RDP Support
Create, launch, and manage Microsoft Remote Desktop (RDP) sessions directly from within Xmanager.

Secure XDMCP
Eliminate XDMCP's inherent insecurity. Xmanager's Secure XDMCP uses SSH to encrypt your traffic.

X Extension Support
Xmanager supports a wide variety of X extensions including Xkeyboard, Xinerama, RandR, and many more.

Superior Session Management
Easily create, edit, and launch sessions from the main window using Xmanager's Session Manager.

Intuitive Tabbed Interface
Manage multiple sessions simultaneously within a tabbed interface. Drag and drop to create your perfect workstation.

Comprehensive Support
Host access control, authentication methods, advanced configurations, and more. Xmanager is the most comprehensive X server.

What's new in version 7

  • Latest Linux Support
  • RDP Protocol Support
  • OpenSSH CA Authentication
  • Jump Host Proxy

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Last updated : 22-04-2021


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