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Version: 5 Build 0868

Date: 2-2016

Netsarang Xftp


Xftp is a flexible and lightweight SFTP/FTP client for users who need to transfer files securely over a network. It offers powerful features such as direct edit, multiple panes, folder synchronization, FXP support, server-to-server transfer and 3rd party editor integration. Xftp will save you time and effort when working with remote files.

Packed with User convenient features to Maximize productivity
Xftp is packed with powerful features that can maximize user producvity. For example, Session tab allows users to create and manage mulple sessions within a single Xftp window and direct edit allows eding the contents of a file without downloading files. Users can also decide on the number of simultaneous download and upload connecons so that transfer can be done at maximum performance.

Interoperable with Terminal Emulator (Xshell)
Xftp can interoperate with our terminal emulator tools, Xshell to access the command line interface of FTP/SFTP servers. Users can simply click on the Xshell buon on Xftp and it will start the terminal session from the current connecon automacally without authencaon process. It is also possible to open Xftp sessions from Xshell with a click of a buon.

Protect Sensitive Corporate Data
Xftp supports SFTP that is based on Secure Shell protocol. By using SFTP, all network traffic is encrypted securely with industry proven SSH encrypon methods. Xftp also supports public key authencaon and keyboard interacve authencaon methods to prevent unauthorized users and sni?ng aack from accessing user's data.

What's new in version 5 Build 0868?

  • ADD: Start Xagent manually from menu
  • MOD: Updated Copyrights
  • FIX: CLS user information is not displayed correctly
  • FIX: Crash when opening Windows Home Group folders from within the local tab
  • FIX: Error when Documents folder does not exist
  • FIX: Session properties resource cleanup
  • FIX: Unable to change the name of a new file created in the user

You could also buy Netsarang Xftp as a part of a bundle Xmanager Enterprise

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