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Version: 5.0

Date: 12-2015

Wide Area File Services (WAFS)


File Synchronization and Collaboration From Anywhere in the World
Directly targeting and mitigating the risks of traditional file replication methods, Wide Area File Services (WAFS) by Globalscape enables secure file synchronization across disparate offices in near real time, with full record-keeping capabilities. WAFS also addresses issues related to cross-compatibility with various systems and improves end-user transparency, both of which remain difficult when collaborating in an enterprise environment.

Through WAFS, an organization's employees can access files from anywhere in the world, even in the cloud. Collaboration on complex files is simplified, more efficient, and absent of errors.

Reduce Costs and Time Associated with Enterprise File Synchronization
Collaboration through WAFS is cost and time efficient. With traditional file replication methods, many organizations face high bandwidth use, data latency, and an increase in file errors. With WAFS, as soon as you hit "save" your file is immediately replicated for instant use by your colleagues thousands of miles away or at the next desk even with complex files. WAFS securely and easily allows for organizations to share their files between multiple offices, without ever risking a loss in visibility over all of the file activity and history.

  • Reduced bandwidth needs/costs
    Reduce 95% of network traffic with transparent file replication between servers or desktops on any scale, while boosting performance. Every system on your network will always have the latest version available using almost no bandwidth to access files (from any location). As any file is changed, it is instantly replicated at the byte-level.
  • Reduce data loss and corruption
    The Vault guards against data loss and corruption by saving both current and past documents for easy access. If a file is deleted or becomes corrupt, an administrator can securely retrieve files from the Vault history. You can also access previous versions of files to track changes. Previous versions of files are easily restored, if needed. The Vault makes remote file access and tracking easier than ever.
  • Use existing data replication/sharing processes
    WAFS works within Windows file system, so an end user can use existing tools and processes. WAFS can work across domains between multiple organizations, whether the file is located in New York or New Delhi.

Wide Area File Services (WAFS) Changes in 5.0

  • Improved synchronization engine
  • Improved memory management
  • Improved system responsiveness
  • Complete rewrite of communication code; robust communication, increasing system reliability during periods of network instability
  • Transmission performance improvements by reducing latency; more efficiently taking advantage of TCP/IP streams
  • Reduction in bandwidth utilization, including reduced chatter to help optimize for the cloud
  • Improved parallelization of concurrent file locking network traffic, providing a significant improvement in the time to service file-locking under load
  • Overhaul of upload and download queues
  • Replacement of internal time out strategy to accommodate the new faster throughput
  • New Compression algorithm improves the overall compression of transmitted files resulting in bandwidth reduction
  • Improved upload and download performance
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved driver stability

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