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Version: 4.3

Date: 12-2015

UserGate Web Filter


UserGate Web Filter helps mitigate the risks posed by user Internet browsing by filtering dangerous content, malware, social media, and other web threats. It allows you to monitor user web browsing and optimize bandwidth usage. The product effectively enforces acceptable use policy in order to enable compliance with regulations. UserGate Web Filter provides Deep Content Inspection (DCI) supporting all major languages. In addition, it provides full inspection of HTTPS/SSL web traffic using transparent â??trusted man-in-the-middleâ?? (MitM) technology, enforces SSL usage policy, and certifies validity

serGate Web Filter can perform filtering at the level of DNS and HTTP requests. When filtering DNS requests, UserGate Web Filter emulates a DNS server with extensive filtering capabilities.

UserGate Web Filter is based on Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technology which is a successor of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) tecnology. Using DCI provides full and transparent analysis of trafic, pass data, content on the highest level which means that not only packets and apps are examined but content itself.

UserGate Web Filter is the successor to GateWall DNS Filter. The main difference is that the new product, in addition to filtering of DNS requests, supports many other methods for analyzing the content of loaded pages. UserGate Web Filter is currently available for Linux servers.

Benefits of UserGate Web Filter

Blocking of access to undesirable content
The global network is a vast depository of information, which may be both useful and undesirable. The overwhelming majority of the site owners offering doubtful content do not consider it necessary to arrange for the identification of users.

The administrator of UserGate Web Filter can easily set up the blocking of sites belonging to categories such as pornography, malicious content, online casino, games and entertainment, social networks, torrents, peering networks, proxy-servers, anonimizers and others.

Protection from undesirable content is particularly vital in connection with juvenile web-surfing. UserGate Web Filter secures children from access to dangerous and unwanted information available via the global network.

Blocking of access to phishing and infected sites
Internet is becoming a highly dangerous medium with millions of sites containing malicious software, Trojans, keyloggers and other worms. In the recent time even more threats have appeared with the propagation of social networks. Criminal use of personal information is becoming widespread.

UserGate Web Filter is a product designed to block access to sites linked with phishing, Trojans, keyloggers, botnets and other sites with malware. Thus UserGate Web Filter is a proactive agent protecting your computer from viruses and extraction of confidential information.

High accuracy of filtering
Flexible set-up options of UserGate Web Filter allow the implementation of customized policies for user internet access. There are five filtering mechanisms to verify websites at the level of requests, domains and specific web pages. UserGateWebFilter features an extremely low level of false response.

Easy implementation
UserGate Web Filter is delivered in various versions: firmware complex, software and a special appliance to be implemented on a virtual machine. The firmware complex is preinstalled allowing deployment in â??rapid startâ?? mode.

UserGate Web Filter is designed to link with a wide choice of SW and HW gateway solutions, therefore no product compatibility issues arise in the course of IT system design.

Clustering, scalability
Regardless of the type of delivery UserGate Web Filter allows the integration of several servers into a cluster. This special feature allows high degree of product scalability and implementation of filtering for a large number of entities in the framework of a single project. The uniform management console featuring integrated gateways is accessible from any point of the planet.

In conjunction with the special API option offered by the designer clustering is another feature making UserGate Web Filter particularly appealing for internet service providers.

Licensing terms

  • License period. UserGate Web Filter license is valid for one year and needs to be renewed upon expiry. License renewal includes database update to enable proper URL filtering.
  • Server license. UserGate Web Filter license will apply to only one of your corporate servers. Purchase additional licenses if you need to install the product on two or more servers.
  • UserGate Web Filter license depends on the number of PCs covered. UserGate Web Filter license and the license price depend on the number of computers available in your corporate PC pool.

What's new in version 4.3?

  • Enhanced performance of DNS filtering;
  • The ability to use HTTPS encryption through SNI (Server Name Indication);
  • Enhanced performance of HTTPS filtering;
  • The algorithm used to sign the certificates for websites has been changed from SHA-1 to SHA-2;
  • The cluster storage subsystem has been improved.
  • **Once the product has been updated, you must re-register the product.
  • **This version is recommended for all users who have used HTTPS filtering as, since starting on January 1, 2016, certificates signed with SHA-1 encryption will no longer be accepted by most modern browser

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