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Version: 1.8

Date: 8-2011

Java WebDAV Server Library


Java WebDAV Server Library

  • No WebDAV and XML experience required to create your WebDAV server.
  • Microsoft Web Folders, MAC OS X Finder, iWork on iPad support.
  • Microsoft Office XP/2003/2007/2010 support.
  • Range / Content-Range header support for PUT and GET.
  • Multipart form POST upload support.
  • WebDAV RFC 4918 compliant.
  • Create Class 1 / Class 3, Class 2 / Class 3 or DeltaV compliant WebDAV Server.
  • Resumable upload support (pause / cancel / restore broken upload).
  • Upload progress reports.
  • Oracle + Tomcat / GlassFish sample.
  • Perfect integration with IT Hit AJAX File Browser.
  • Java source codes covered by unit tests.

Creating Class 1 / Class 3 WebDAV Server
Class 1 / Class 3 WebDAV Server provides basic file management features available in every WebDAV server. On a Class 1 / Class 3 server you can create files, copy, move and deleting files and folders as well as create, read and delete custom properties for each file or folder.

Creating Class 2 / Class 3 WebDAV Server
In addition to features provided by Class 1 / Class 3 WebDAV server, Class 2 / Class 3 WebDAV server supports files and folders locking. Locking is required to protect item from being modified by other users. Many WebDAV clients such as Microsoft Web Folders, Mac OS X WebDAV client and Microsoft Office require Class 2 WebDAV server.

IT Hit WebDAV Server Engine for Java Features

No WebDAV and XML Experience Required
The library provides a high-level API that eliminates the need for studding WebDAV standards and protocols. WebDAV XML requests are parsed by the IT Hit WebDAV Server Library and converted to API calls.

Independent of Storage Type
The provided sample demonstrate storing files in Oracle database, but with IT Hit WebDAV Library you can store files in a file system or virtually any other storage. It is perfect for WebDAV-enabling your existing Document Management or Content Management System.

Independent of Hosting Environment
Being independent of hosting environment the WebDAV Server Library can run in virtually any Java application server. The provided example runs in Apache Tomcat and Sun Glassfish server.

Tested with Most WebDAV Clients on Windows, MAC and Linux
The Engine supports all RFC 2518 and RFC 4918 compliant WebDAV clients such as Microsoft Web Folders, Microsoft Office, MAC OS X, iWork on iPad, Konqueror, Gnome Nautilus, DavExplorer, etc. With IT Hit WebDAV Server Library for Java you will be able to manage your documents via Windows Explorer and upload unlimited file structures with a single copy-paste operation.

Function Entirely Over HTTP/HTTPS
Unlike FTP WebDAV does not require opening port 21 and runs entirely over HTTP via firewalls without any additional configuration. WebDAV also supports secure connection via SSL that is not supported by FTP.

Based on Open Standards
The library is compliant with latest WebDAV RFC4918 and DeltaV RFC 3253. The Library allows creation of Class 1, Class 2 compliant WebDAV server and supports DeltaV Core-Versioning Package.

No Client Application Deployment Required
Most modern OS, including Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP and Mac OS, are shipped with WebDAV client applications eliminating the need for client applications distribution and support. The Cross-Origin Request Sharing standard that is supported by this server also allows you to manage data on your server using Web browser-based WebDAV client created purely in JavaScript and located in other domain.

Basic, Digest and LDAP Support
The Library is independent of authentication schema and you can use any authentication supported by your environment or implements any custom authentication schemas. The provided samples and documentation describes configuration of Basic, Digest and LDAP (Active Directory) authentication.

Pause \ Cancel \ Restore File Uploads and Downloads
Using resumable upload feature you can pause upload, cancel upload and restore broken upload as well as you can request amount of bytes successfully saved on server side.

Upload Files From HTML Pages and Show Upload Progress
You can upload files from AJAX/HTML application submitting a POST-multipart form. During the upload you can request upload progress and create AJAX/HTML upload progress bars.

DeltaV Support
WebDAV Engine supports RFC 3253 Core-Versioning Package. With DeltaV you can check-out/check-in files in you repository and track file versions according to open standards. The library supports linear versioning by both versioning-aware and versioning-unaware clients. It supports Version-Control feature, UPDATE feature, Version-History feature, and auto-versioning.

Unit Tests Provided with Source Codes
90% of Library code is covered by unit tests provided with a source codes license.

Pricing and Licensing Options
Different types of Java WebDAV Server Library licenses allow single server installation, redistribution as part of your application or source codes license. You can also purchase server library license together with one of the client licenses.

Java WebDAV Server Library Class Reference
The Java WebDAV Server Library API provides a set of interfaces and classes required to access your hierarchical storage. The online documentation contains complete class library reference.

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