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Version: 1.6.157

Date: -

VersioRecall 2021


The simplest way to manage multiple versions of files on your computer.

  • Simple setup takes only minutes.
  • Fast and efficient. Only copies modified files.
  • No complicated APIs, database engines or developer tools needed.
  • Sign PowerShell scripts before submitting them.
  • No unwanted "synchronization" that can overwrite your work.
  • Easily restore a previous version of a file.
  • Windows Explorer integration.
  • Includes file comparison tool.
  • Works with binary files too.
  • Fast and easy Zip files.
  • Easily create backups on Disk, CD or Flash drives.
  • Fully automatic mode.

VersionRecall is all about simplicity. From installation to daily use, our goal is to make the saving and recalling of multiple versions of your files easy. We have eliminated the complexity of APIs, database back ends, developer tools, and foreign file formats. Your versioned files are stored as files in their original format, not in a database or some modified, proprietary format. With the ability to automatically submit changes on your own, custom schedule you don't even have to worry about manually 'checking in' your code; VersionRecall does it for you at a pre-determined time or interval.

Simple, Fast, and Reliable: VersionRecall automates the most widely used manual process of creating backups and maintaining multiple versions of your files. Now that is simple version control.

Key Features

So easy to use
The simple and quick setup lets you select a folder that VersionRecall will manage as well as a 'backup location' where your previous versions will be stored (usually on an external drive or network drive.) From that point on, work as you usually do, saving the file locally, and when you are ready, simply submit the file using VersionRecall Explorer or our Windows Explorer integration. Or, setup VersionRecall for automatic submission at a predetermined time.

Trouble free backups
Do you create backups by dragging folders to a NAS, network drive, CD or by making zip files? VersionRecall lets you do that with the simple push of a button. No need to change how you backup, just make it easier!

Windows Explorer Integration
Our VersionRecall Explorer application is full of functionality, but sometimes you just need it super simple and easy. With our Windows Explorer integration you can submit a version of your file with just a few mouse clicks.

Built-in File Comparison
So now you have multiple versions of your file and want to know how they are different. Use the integrated file comparison tool to see where your versions differ and even merge in selected differences

Please contact BTSoftware for upgrade or maintenance renewal pricing.

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Last updated : 22-09-2021


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