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Version: 1.04

Date: 12-2010

Skype Analyzer


Belkasoft Skype Analyzer allows you to search and analyze Skype histories.

  • Skype versions 2, 3, 4 and 5 supported
  • Chatsync retrieval supported
  • Call, voice mail and SMS extracted
  • No password required
  • Export to text, html, csv and xml formats
  • German, Chinese and Spanish translations available

Belkasoft Skype Analyzer Features

Search computer for histories
The product allows you to search a whole hard drive for profiles of all supported Skype versions:

  • All drives or particular ones may be selected
  • You can select a particular folder to search through
  • It is possible to manually select a history to analyze

Analyze found histories
The product does all the analysis with two mouse clicks:

  • No password required
  • You do not have to be logged under a history owner

Explore extracted histories
Within the user interface you can:

  • See all available histories and their extraction status
  • See all contacts belonging to a profile
  • See all conversations with a selected contact
  • Sort by time, message direction, message text
  • Apply filtering
  • Search history. Do simple searches through history and advanced searches using a file with a set of words to look for. Experienced users can take advantage of searching by regular expressions, which is ideal when searching for templates or phrases with fuzzy structure

Export history
After completing history extraction you can export history of interest in a readable format. The product allows you to:

  • Export history to plain text, HTML, XML and also to CSV format which is good for exploring data within powerful Microsoft Excel product
  • Limit exported histories to selected dates and contacts
  • Limit exported histories to selected chat messages
  • Split huge histories into separate files, broken by contact

The report is independent of your computer and can be burned onto a CD and given away, if needed.

Skype support
The following Skype versions are supported:

  • Skype 2 - chat history only
  • Skype 3 - chat, call and voicemail history
  • Skype 4 and 5 - chat, call, voicemail and SMS history
  • Conference chats are not yet supported

What if you have all your history deleted?
If one has all Skype history files (.dbb or .db) deleted, is it possible to recover anything? Sometimes (not always) it is! If your Skype account still has a chatsync subfolder inside, some part of your history can be restored. Chatsync history retrieval is supported by the Professional version of this tool (Belkasoft Skype Analyzer Pro). If nothing helps, you can try our forensic products, which can retrieve deleted data, if still existing on a drive.

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Last updated : 06-07-2018


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