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Version: 7.3

Date: 9-2016

SmartSerialMail - Personalized Mail and Newsletters


With the email marketing software SmartSerialMail you will be able to create informative newsletters, personalize serial emails, and send out bulk mailings.

The software enables you to create a personalized email for every single recipient from HTML templates. Writing your bulk emails is simple: it feels just like writing a serial letter in your word processing software.

The first steps into your own newsletter campaign will be child's play. Simply use the integrated "Getting Started Wizard"! In addition, you can copy MS Outlook account settings into SmartSerialMail - and it goes without saying that you can connect your pre-existing adress database. The Ribbon user interface (known from MS Outlook or MS Office) guarantees an easy overview.

Why SmartSerialMail?

  • Design creative serial emails and newsletters in the integrated HTML editor.
  • Import recipient lists from different formats (Excel, Outlook, SQL etc.) and update them (in the Enterprise Edition only).
  • Use blacklists and make sure you never send out unwanted emails.
  • Easily filter recipient lists.*
  • Use the spam check to make sure your email will not be falsely marked as spam.*
  • Design your own Quick Parts and customize email content with placeholders.*
  • Automatically add individual attachments to your email.*
  • Track email opening rates.
  • Send emails in intervals to lighten the load on your network and subvert sending limits.
  • Schedule sending processes and send your emails with perfect timing.*
  • Send emails from your desktop or via different email servers.*
  • Save time with parallel sending tasks.*
  • Manage bounce emails automatically and enable opt-in and opt-out registrations and cancellations.*
  • Protect the privacy of your customers and observe international data protection laws.
  • Digitally sign emails with S/MIME.

* only available in the Enterprise Edition.

What's new in Version 7.3?


  • The memory consumption and loading speed of the sections "Recipient Lists", "Preview", and "Sending" has been markedly improved.
  • When using large amounts of Quickparts, the loading speed has been drastically improved. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The self-repair of the internal database has been improved, problems with old installations or damaged databases have been solved.
  • If an MS Access database is used as internal database, the "Compress and Repair" function can now be triggered manually.
  • The Quick Navigation is now disabled by default.
  • The scaling of the user interface has been improved for high monitor resolutions.
  • Other minor errors have been fixed, several improvements have been incorporated.
  • Please note: This version is going to be the last version supporting Windows XP.


  • New SMTP Sending Profiles are now created with TLS Security by default.
  • Some errors during the manually triggered connection test have been fixed.
  • An error occurring when displaying the statistics in the "Profile" section has been fixed. (Enterprise Edition only)

Recipient List

  • The speed and the memory usage when working with large recipient lists has been improved drastically.
  • The column "Last Sent" is now sorted according to dates.
  • Importing Access Files with Office 2016 is now possible.
  • The "Search in all Lists" features now has a "Delete" Button to reset the search results.
  • The speed of Excel exports has been increased.
  • When sorting a list, SmartSerialMail will now keep entry selections.
  • The recipient list does not scroll anymore when changing the sending status of some entries.
  • Exporting a list does not change the position in the recipient list anymore.
  • The "Sending Status" statistic now also works for external tables. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The import summary now always shows the correct amount of imported entries.
  • Importing a corrupted Access database does not result in a software error anymore.
  • Excel export now also contains the "Status" information.
  • The Filter "not equals" is now working correctly. (Enterprise Edition only)


  • The functions "Redo" and "Undo" are now available in the HTML editor.
  • The text floating property for images can now be set via HTML editor (float).
  • Problems with German umlauts have been fixed.
  • Links containing placeholders are now shown correctly in the link overview.
  • The function "Delete" in the context menu now always deletes the selected content.
  • The placeholder-function "printIfNotEmpty" now also works for attachments. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The hint dialog when pasting content from MS Word via Clipboard has been improved.


  • he loading time of the preview when using large recipient lists has been decreased.
  • The profileĆ¢??s "From" address is now used as the default value for the "Test Email Address".
  • Under special circumstances SmartSerialMail was not responding anymore when loading the preview. This has been fixed.


  • The "Sending" section is now loaded much faster when using large lists.
  • Resynching the sending status while a sending task is running is now supported by a failsafe mechanism. This prevents data loss, even when the computer crashes sending.
  • Cc and Bcc recipients of the sender profile are now also used when sending via EWS. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Use the profile option "set all to unsent, before starting a sending task" to use recipient lists not containing any email addresses with the status "unsent". (Enterprise Edition only)
  • An error occurring while resyncing the sending status (internal and external tables) has been fixed. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The display of the amount of unsent elements for filtered lists has been corrected. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The link to the tracking statistic for finished sending tasks with activated tracking is now working. (Enterprise Edition only)

List Management

  • When collecting bounces, cancellations or subscriptions, new lists are only created when needed. (Enterprise Edition only
  • Bounce emails with the error code "5.2.2 (mailbox full)" are no longer handled as permanent bounces, but as temporary bounces. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • The correctly selected recipient list is now available in the "list management" actions. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • In general settings a "reply to" address can now be entered. (Enterprise Edition only)
  • "Collect from Outlook" now works correctly for emails in online mode (not cached). (Enterprise Edition only)
  • Possible error messages from the POP3 or IMAP servers are now written to the protocol. (Enterprise Edition only)

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