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Version: 4.0

Date: 10-2017



RecordTS Single Server Edition
An all-in-one solution for companies with one terminal server.

RecordTS for Terminal Services
Record remote access to your Windows servers and workstations, virtual machines, jump boxes, etc.

RecordTS for Enterprise Edition
Enterprise level recording for any sized business.

RecordTS Single Server for Citrix XenApp
Record XenApp 6.5 user sessions at the server farm.

RecordTS Single Server for Citrix XenDesktop 7
Record XenDesktop 7 user sessions. Tightly integrates with the new Citrix XenDesktop 7.x architecture.

RecordTS for VMware
Session recording for vmWare Horizon.

What's new in version 4

  • RecordTS storage server (no SQL lic required) much faster and more efficient than SQL server
  • improved session playback
  • export to common video format not supported
  • purge retention - select which sessions not to purge (save until unselected)
  • new universal recorder - supports multi-protocol recording (RDP & ICA)
  • new Enterprise Edition (replaces previous Terminal Server, Citrix specific versions)
    - simpler price list
    - increased base price
  • Single Server Edition now uses storage server instead of postgres database.

Key Features
TSFactory's RecordTS Single Server Edition is robust, feature laiden.

Data Buffering
RecordTS is prepared for system failures by buffering session video when database connectivity becomes intermittant or goes offline.

Session Reliability
Users see no session latency and experience down time due to periods of high usage.

With RecordTS's man-in-the-middle design, it's very hard for users to circumvent the recording process or know they are being recorded...


Employee Monitoring
Find out what your employees are doing while logged in remotely.

Contractor Activity
Verify what contractors, vendors and remote admins are doing on your servers.

Confirm company protocols are being met and review installations, upgrades, maintenance procedures.

Meet monitoring requirements for PCI, SOX, HIPAA, NERC, FFIEC, FISMA, and FERPA.

Training / Proctoring
Record user actions for playback for training purposes. Also useful for proctoring exams.

Cyber Security
Provide clear evidence and root causes during investigations of security breaches.

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Last updated : 12-01-2018


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