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Version: 2017 R6.1

Date: 11-2017

Rebex Total Pack


Why Rebex Total Pack
In Rebex Total Pack you'll get all .NET, .NET CF, Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android components from Rebex in one pack:
SFTP, FTP, FTPS, IMAP, EWS, POP3, SMTP, NTP, SNTP, Time, Mail, SSH Shell and Telnet Terminal emulation, Security, ZIP compression.

Components included

  • Rebex SFTP
  • Rebex FTP/SSL
  • Rebex Secure Mail
  • Rebex Security
  • Rebex Terminal Emulation
  • Rebex Time
  • Rebex ZIP
  • Rebex File Server


  • FTP classic
  • FTPS - FTP over TLS/SSL
  • SFTP - SSH File Transfer Protocol
  • SMTP
  • SMTP over TLS/SSL
  • POP3
  • POP3 over TLS/SSL
  • IMAP
  • IMAP over TLS/SSL
  • NTP
  • SNTP
  • SSH Shell
  • Telnet


  • SSH
  • SFTP


  • Terminal Emulation
  • ZIP
  • MIME
  • S/MIME
  • MSG

Additional features

  • Royalty free
  • C# and VB.NET samples
  • One year of free updates
  • No open source code used
  • 100% managed C# code

Release notes for Rebex Total Pack

NuGet packages
Rebex components just got official NuGet packages!

If you have an active subscription, you will get NuGet packages as part of Rebex components. These are supposed to be added to your private NuGet repository.

Rebex packages are available at NuGet.org as well.

Experimental support for .NET Standard 1.5 and NET Core 1.1
This release adds experimental support for .NET Core 1.1 (or rather .NET Standard 1.5/1.6) to all Rebex components.

In addition to .NET Core on Windows, Linux and macOS, .NET Standard edition of Rebex components can be used on any platform with .NET Standard 1.5 support. This currently includes .NET 4.6.2 and .NET 4.7, and hopefully other platforms soon.

Please note that 'experimental' support means that this edition has not yet reached the 'mainstream' support phase, and the API is subject to change. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Support for .NET Framework 4.7
.NET Framework 4.7 is a fully supported platform.

Underline and beam cursor styles in TerminalControl
TerminalControl supports underline and beam cursor styles in addition to the default block cursor. Use the CursorStyle property to specify the desired style.

Complete list of changes of version 2017 R6.1

  • FTP: Added workaround for FTP servers that announce their IP as
  • FTP: Fixed MLSD parser to support empty facts.
  • SFTP: Added Sftp.GetFileSystemInfo method to determine free space and other drive information.
  • SFTP: Fixed a bug that caused the client not to ask for access time attribute in SFTP v4 (most servers sent the attribute despite this).
  • SFTP: Added workaround for ProFTPd 1.3.6's mod_sftp which sends broken response when CREATETIME attribute has been requested.
  • MSG: Added support for custom 'X-Unread' header that corresponds to 'read' flag in Outlook .MSG message format.
  • POP3: Added workaround for Outlook365's broken delegated mailbox support in POP3.
  • ZIP: Added ZipItemCollection.Sort(IComparer) method to make it possible to use Rebex.IO.FileSystemItemComparer class for sorting.
  • ZIP: Fixed behavior of ZipItemCollection.Sort() method that used reverse sorting order for item types.
  • ZIP: Fixed ZipArchive.ShrinkProgress.ProgressPercentage to return a proper value.
  • ZIP: Fixed ZipProgressChangedEventArgs to set ProgressPercentage on base class as well.
  • HTTP: Added WebClient.Encoding property to specify charset for string-based methods.
  • HTTP: Added DownloadProgressChanged/UploadProgressChanged events do WebClient class.
  • HTTP: Added HttpRequest.AutomaticDecompression property.
  • HTTP: Fixed handling of multiple headers with same header name in .NET Standard edition.
  • HTTP: HttpResponse.ContentLength returns -1 to indicate 'value not specified'.
  • HTTP: Fixed a bug in handling HttpRequest.Headers that could cause headers to be duplicated in some scenarios.
  • HTTP: Added null value check to HttpRequest.Headers setter.
  • HTTP: HttpResponse.ContentLength property is now set to -1 (not specified) when receiving automatically decompressed content.
  • HTTP: HttpResponse.GetResponseStream() handles unsupported Content-Encoding values now.
  • SSH: Added SshPublicKey.LoadPublicKeys method that supports loading OpenSSH's 'authorized_keys' files.
  • Cryptography: Enhanced custom CRL downloader for .NET Compact Framework to handle all 3xx redirect codes.
  • Cryptography: Enhanced Certificate.LoadDer to handle files with multiple certificates (loads the first one).
  • Cryptography: Enabled usage of MS CNG API in .NET Compact Framework 3.9 edition on Windows Embedded Compact 2013 when appropriate.
  • Cryptography: Fixed detection of AES/GCM support.
  • Cryptography: Fixed detection of native Brainpool and secp256k1 support.
  • Cryptography: Added 'params' to CertificateInfo.SetExtendedUsave/SetAlternativeHostnames methods.
  • Cryptography: Fixed null handling in CertificateInfo.MailAddress.
  • Cryptography: Fixed empty block processing in AES/GCM.
  • Common: Added workaround for broken Encoding.ASCII encoder on legacy Mono platforms.
  • Common: Enhanced SSPI error reporting.
  • Common: Fixed platform info in logs on macOS.

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