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Version: 2018

Date: 10-2017

RaptorXML +XBRL Server 2018


Altova RaptorXML 2018 is the third-generation, hyper-fast XML and XBRL processor from the makers of XMLSpy. RaptorXML is built from the ground up to be optimized for the latest standards and parallel computing environments. Designed to be highly cross-platform capable, the engine takes advantage of today's ubiquitous multi-CPU computers to deliver lightning fast processing of XML and XBRL data.

Third Generation Engine
In today's organizations, Big Data trends and XBRL mandates are producing huge, ever increasing amounts of XML and XBRL data. Now, there is finally a modern, hyper-fast engine to validate, process, transform, and query it all. RaptorXML Server is the third generation XML processor from Altova - completely rewritten and implemented from scratch and optimized for parallel computing - based on our substantial 15-year experience with XML and related standards.

Strict Standards Conformance
RaptorXML provides strict conformance with all relevant XML and XBRL standards, including support for the very latest recommendations, and has been submitted to rigorous regression and conformance testing. RaptorXML is continuously regression-tested against Altova's substantial in-house collection of conformance and test suites, as well as industry test suites and customer use-cases.

To meet industry demands for an ultra-fast processor that can handle the huge amounts of XML and XBRL data being generated, RaptorXML takes advantage of the processing power afforded by the multi-CPU, multi-core computers and servers that are ubiquitous in today's IT landscape. RaptorXML includes a plethora of features that deliver hyper-performance, increased throughput, and efficient memory utilization to validate and process large amounts of data cost-effectively.

Developer Features
RaptorXML Server offers powerful, flexible options for developers including access via command line, COM and Java APIs, a Python interface, and a built-in HTTP server. Support for XPath extension functions enables specialized processing. Superior error reporting capabilities include reporting of multiple errors, detailed error descriptions, full error stacks, and links to the relevant specification.

Specialized XBRL Support
RaptorXML+XBRL Server includes support for validating XBRL taxonomies, and validating XBRL instances against XBRL taxonomies. In addition, it provides important support for XBRL Dimensions and XBRL Formula, which define new, compatible functionality to extend XBRL 2.1.

XBRL Dimensions allows implementors to specify new dimensions, or categories of facts, in addition to the those defined in the XBRL 2.1 specification, and it defines a mechanism for combining dimensions into hypercubes.

XBRL Formula uses XPath to create expressions to calculate XBRL facts based on data in an XBRL instance document, the results of which are output to a new XBRL instance.

As implementors seek to extend XBRL 2.1 to increase the value and adaptability of their XBRL data, adoption of XBRL Dimensions and XBRL Formula is on the rise - full support for both is in an XBRL processor is of the utmost importance.

What's new in RaptorXML Server 2018?

  • Significant speed improvements in XSLT engine
  • Improved spec conformance in XSLT/XQuery engines
  • Support for XBRL Versioning 1.0
  • Support for XML Signatures 1.1

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Last updated : 12-01-2018


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