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Version: 5.5.1

Date: 2015

Virtual Serial Port Kit

http://www.virtual-serial-port.com http://www.virtual-serial-port.com

Virtual Serial Port Kit allows creating a pair of virtual serial ports connected with virtual null-modem cable. The software provides null-modem connection between two serial communications applications. Communications software interacts with each other via virtual COM-ports in the same way as via hardware COM-ports connected with null-modem cables.



  • Allows to create virtual serial ports connected via virtual null-modem cable
  • Allows to create virtual serial loopback plugs
  • Full hardware serial ports emulation
  • Virtual serial ports look and work like real hardware ports
  • Serial data bitrate (transmission speed) emulation
  • Different virtual null-modem schemes are available (full, partial, loopback)
  • Unlimited number of virtual COM port pairs can be created
  • Once created virtual ports are operable at each system startup (prior to user login)
  • Overlapped virtual COM ports support (virtual serial ports can have the same names as existing physical COM ports)
  • Real null-modem cables are not required
  • Real serial ports are not occupied
  • Virtual communication is more fast and reliable than via real null modem cable


  • 64bit and 32bit compatible
  • Full Microsoft serial.sys compatibility
  • PnP and WMI technologies compatibility
  • Hyper-Threading Technology compatibility
  • VMware compatibility

User Interface and API

  • User-friendly program interface
  • Hot Virtual COM port creation and removal, without your computer rebooting
  • One click enable/disable button for all virtual serial ports
  • Virtual serial ports are controlled directly from your own application using command-line
  • Virtual serial ports are controlled directly from your own application using Dynamic Link Library (OEM license)

Licensing Information

  • Single License is used when the software is to be installed on a single or several computers (usually less then 50). You need as many licenses as number of computers the software will be installed to.
  • Company Site License is used by companies which need to install the software on any number of computers inside the company within one geographical location or within company's offices worldwide.
  • OEM License entitles you to unlimited redistribution of the control as a part of your software.

Please contact BTSoftware for Company Site or OEM license pricing.

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Virtual Serial Port Kit Windows single user license (email)




Virtual Serial Port Kit Windows 2-10 user license (email)




Virtual Serial Port Kit Windows CE single user license (email)




Virtual Serial Port Kit Windows CE 2-10 user license (email)




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Last updated : 06-07-2018


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