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Date: 2-2016

Plastic SCM


Scale up to huge projects, big teams and large binaries

  • Work with teams with hundreds of developers on the same project.
  • Develop projects with huge binaries and unmergeable contents (like game development and simulation)
  • Handle large codebases with more than 500k files, and thousands of revisions and version control operations will still be fast
  • Enforce best practices with fine grained security.
  • Store everything on robust and standard databases.

What's new in version

  • Gluon: The context menu 'Add directory tree to source control' was disabled for controlled items when right clicking on a controlled item. Now it's enabled (it adds all private items under the selected item to the source control).
  • New
    Server: performance improvements to support thousands of repositories on a single server:
  • When a new user is used or an existing user membership was changed, certain unrelated security info was recalculated when it wasn't neccesary. From now on, only the related security info is updated.
  • The load of active/inactive users only happens on startup now.
  • ActivityScheduler thread was locking the task list on execution. It could end up delaying system initialization if repositories failed to be upgraded. Not a big deal, but fixed.
  • The ACLs for all repositories are now loaded on server startup instead of on demand.
  • New
  • Server: Added a new flag to server.conf config file to disable database upgrades: DatabaseUpgradeDisabled. It must be set as true on server.conf.
  • Handle it with care! It must be removed when installing a new Plastic SCM server release. Contact the support team if you need to use it.
  • Bug
    Linux GUI (GTK): Several issues have been fixed on the 'diff' viewer:
  • 'Null reference' error was shown when closing the diff window before completing the diff calculations.
  • 'Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute' error was shown sometimes when closing the diff window.
  • The diff search layout was broken when entering text on the search box or resizing the wind

Codice Software's innovative approach to product development and quality has been validated by the Software Engineering Institute (SEI), whose assessment team has awarded Codice a Level II Capability Maturity Model Integrated (CMMI) rating. The CMMI rating is the global standard reserved for those companies exhibiting world-class product development capabilities

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