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Version: 5.0.53_7

Date: 11-2015

NoMachine NX


NoMachine Enterprise Server Family
Let mobile staff connect to their office PC with full access to their data and applications, facilitate collaboration between employees, enable fast, effective remote assistance via the desktop or the web, empower administrators to control and deploy thousands of desktops in the corporate datacenter, all with infinite scale and flexibility. NoMachine is a proven hosted desktop and remote access solution that helps you consolidate and deliver all your desktops and applications, whether physical, virtual or "in the cloud".

Anywhere access to desktops and applications
NoMachine Enterprise Server is the product for companies leveraging heterogeneous environments, made of Windows, Mac, Linux and Unix workstations all needing the same level of power and flexibility in remote access. It unifies NoMachine's unprecedented remote desktop and terminal server capabilities, application delivery technology and multi-node clustering in a single package to provide a complete remote computing solution suitable for organizations of all sizes.

With NoMachine your remote desktop is functional and rich as if you were actually in front of your computer. Not only the screen, keyboard and mouse, but all devices available on the server and on the client work on your remote desktop as if they were physically connected. With NoMachine the network transparency dream comes true. All your folders, drives and devices work as you expect. You can print a file located on the remote computer to a local printer or do the opposite. You can make a bar-reader connected to the client appear as if it was connected to the server, so that your store application in the server farm immediately works. Pendrives, scanners, any USB device is ready to use. Obviously you can control what device is made available, so that security and privacy are never compromised.

You can use NoMachine to give remote user access to corporate computers, host meetings on a desktop or give remote assistance, or you can use it as a tool to publish your rich applications on the Internet

Any application on any device
You can publish all your Windows, Mac and Linux applications with NoMachine. Linux applications are the easiest to publish, since you can choose to virtualize the host environment or opt for a traditional Terminal Server approach, with multiple user sessions running on the same host. NoMachine can't replace a Windows Terminal Server computer or make any Windows or Mac computer become a Terminal Server. Technical considerations apart, this would be in violation of the Windows and Mac OS X licensing terms. In fact both XenApp and Citrix WinFrame/MetaFrame (as XenApp was formerly called), the traditional way that centralized Windows application have been delivered, require a Windows Terminal Server to operate. Because of the high cost of licensing of Windows Terminal Server and the need to have a Windows Client Access License for every client accessing the server, a new approach based on server virtualization has grown popular in recent years.

To publish your Windows and Mac applications you create multiple Windows and Mac instances virtualized on top of popular hypervisors like Xen, KVM or VMware, install the applications to be delivered in the virtualized environment, install NoMachine Enterprise Desktop on each instance and add the instance to a NoMachine Enterprise Server or NoMachine Cloud Server. You can then create the required user profiles on the Enterprise Server to let the user access only the application to which he/she subscribed. NoMachine lets you control exactly which virtual machine or application the user will have access to, plus scripting tools to tell the server what it must run when the user connects or disconnects.

NoMachine Enterprise server works with physical machines and with any Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, offering the same ease on VMware vSphere , Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen , KVM based virtual-machines, on your own private cloud and on public clouds, like Amazon EC2 or Rackspace .

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NoMachine Enterprise Desktop Premium, 1 year subscription for Mac, Unlimited connections (email)




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NoMachine Enterprise Desktop Premium, 1 year subscription for Linux, Unlimited connections (email)




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