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Version: 7

Date: 5-2015



Make Intelligent Predictions from Incomplete Data - Right in Your Spreadsheet
Have you ever been faced with a lot of data and wanted to use it for predicting the future, or for classifying unknowns? Have you ever had to make a decision given new, incomplete data?

Of course you have. Nobody ever has complete information when making decisions. But if you have access to historical data for your problem, NeuralTools can help! NeuralTools is a sophisticated data mining application that uses neural networks in Microsoft Excel. With NeuralTools, you can make accurate new predictions based on the patterns in your known data. NeuralTools imitates brain functions in order to â??learnâ?? the structure of your data. Once NeuralTools understands your data, it can take new inputs and make intelligent predictions. Your spreadsheet can â??thinkâ?? for you like never before!

NeuralTools is used to make credit lending decisions by predicting the likelihood a new borrower will pay back a loan. Itâ??s used for reducing transactional risk by identifying bank or credit card transactions likely to be fraudulent. Call centers use it for staffing strategies by predicting call volumes. Medical professionals use NeuralTools to diagnose unknown tumors and other ailments. The list is endless!

New in Version 6.3?
Testing Sensitivity Analysis
The amount of data available for training a neural net is often limited, and obtaining additional data can be expensive. The new Testing Sensitivity Analysis in version 6 helps to make the most of small data sets.

When a neural net is trained on a small data set, the subset of data that is used to test the neural net is also small, which limits the reliability of the testing results. This new analysis helps to determine if testing results are reliable given the amount of data that has been set aside for testing. It can also answer the question whether changing the size of the testing subset will increase the reliability of the results.

NeuralTools Features & Benefits

  • Live Prediction feature automatically updates predictions when input data changes (Industrial edition only)
  • Automatically trains, tests, and predicts in one easy step
  • Better predictions faster
  • True add-in, featuring Excel-style functions, toolbar interface, menu, and Excel commands
  • Variable Impact Analysis ranks the effect of input variables on predictions
  • Training Sensitivity Analysis
  • Can train and analyze data spanning multiple worksheets
  • Cases in a dataset can be automatically or manually tagged for training, testing, and prediction data
  • Variable matching - variables in the different datasets (training, testing, and prediction) do not need to be in the same order or even have the same names
  • Neural Networks Manager for easy management of many trained Neural Networks
  • Save Neural Networks in workbooks or as native NeuralTools files
  • Can be used for both categorical and numeric data
  • No need to create dummy variables for categorical data - NeuralTools automatically interprets categorical data directly
  • Graphs and reports customized using standard Excel features
  • Designed to work with StatTools, @RISK, Evolver, and other Palisade products


  • No need to manually re-run predictions as conditions change; allows real-time optimization of input variables.
  • Saves time and hassle in setting up analyses
  • Save time and make better decisions
  • Intuitive and easy to learn
  • New input variables can be selected or emphasized for more accurate predictions
  • Shows reliability of test results based on the size of the testing data set
  • Virtually unlimited analytical capacity
  • Saves time and hassle setting up analyses, while allowing for customization
  • No hassle managing various datasets
  • Keeps Neural Networks organized for quick retrieval
  • Allows flexibility to use trained Neural Networks on multiple spreadsheets
  • Maximizes the range of problems that can be analyzed
  • Saves time and improves clarity
  • Tremendous variety of reporting options to meet any presentation needs
  • Combine analysis with other techniques

Two Editions to Meet Your Needs
NeuralTools comes in two editions: Professional and Industrial. The Professional edition allows up to 1,000 cases per dataset, and the Industrial edition has unlimited capacity. The Industrial edition also adds Live Prediction, whereby the predicted results are updated automatically when the input data changes.

Please contact BTSoftware for Espanol, Portugues, Japanese, Chinese, Pycckom language.

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