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Version: 5

Date: 4-2020

Data Recovery for Linux


Stellar Data Recovery for Linux Recovers lost, formatted or deleted data from Linux based volumes. A Linux Data Recovery software that helps you recover lost or inaccessible data from any Ext4, Ext3, Ext2, exFAT, FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 file system based LINUX volumes.

  • Recover lost data from hard drive volumes, removable drives, CD/DVDs and other Linux based storage media.
  • Recovers from all available hard drive types, including SCSI, SATA, EIDE, and IDE
  • Raw recovery to perform signature based recovery of data from Linux volumes
  • Dedicated 'Photo recovery' and 'CD DVD Recovery' module to recover data from Linux volumes, hard drives, memory cards and scratched/damaged CD's or DVDs.

Key Features

Linux Deleted File Recovery
Stellar Linux recovery software efficiently recovers all your accidentally/intentionally deleted documents, photos, audios, videos, and other multimedia files from hard drive volumes, removable drives, CD/DVDs and other Linux based storage media. In case of recovering deleted files from FAT file system based volumes, the software provides two different scanning methods - 'Quick Scan' and 'Deep Scan'. Deep Scan takes relatively more time, but yields better chance of file recovery.

Quick Recovery
With the 'Quick Recovery' option of the software, you can recover lost data by scanning any volume or previously saved image of the volume. The recovery method is significantly fast and efficient enough to recover almost all your data back. Note: 'Quick Recovery' only allows loading image of a volume and not that of the hard disk.

Advance Recovery
The 'Advance Recovery' option of the software helps recovering all your lost, deleted, or inaccessible data by performing extensive search operation on the selected volume or its image file. This recovery option is comparatively slower than Quick Recovery, but ensures more chance of recovering lost files.
Note: 'Advance Recovery' loads one volume or image at a time. It only allows selecting image of volumes or that of the hard disk.

Lost or Deleted Volume Recovery
This data recovery Linux software provides an innovative option to search and list all lost/deleted volumes in the system. The software finds all ext4, ext3, ext2, exFAT, FAT file system based volumes, which have been completely deleted from the hard drive and allows recovering data from them using Quick Recovery, Advance Recovery, or Deleted File Recovery method.

CD/DVD recovery
The CD/DVD recovery feature of the software allows you recover lost/deleted data from all types of optical damaged/corrupt optical media disks burnt on Linux, Unix, windows and Mac OS

Allows Scanning for Specific File Types
The software allows you to scan only for the selected file types. Apart from this, the software provides options to add new files to the list, edit an existing file type, and remove file types from the list.

Additional Advantages

Photo recovery
This ext partition recovery software has inbuilt photo recovery module to recover lost or deleted images. The photo recovery option also lets you recover images from all popular camera brands such as: Nikon, Sony, Canon and many more as well as supports popularly used card storage type including memory cards, SD/SDHC/SDXC cards etc.

Mask to Narrow Scan Result
The 'Mask' option of the software helps you narrow down the entire scan result. Once the scanning process gets completed, you can apply mask on the scan list to create a new tree, containing only your required file types. The software provides several masking options, including 'File of type', 'Size from' (KB), and Date.

Provides Preview of Recoverable Files
After completion of the scanning operation, this data recovery Linux software ensures recovery chances of files by showing the preview of all recoverable files in the selected volume. You can click a file from the scanned list and preview the same in the upper pane of the interface.

Find Required Files and Perform Selective Recovery
With the 'Find' option in Stellar Linux recovery, you can locate the required files and help performing selective recovery. This option further gives several sub-options to search only your needed files from the huge pool of scanned file list and recover them smoothly.

Resume Recovery from Saved Image or Scan Information
The software allows you to save the scan information and resume the recovery operation, any time in future. This wonderful utility provides options to resume the recovery process from any previously saved scan information or image file of the drive.

Saves Recovered Files to any Location
Stellar Data Recovery for Linux allows you to save the recovered files to any storage media connected to the system. You can save the recovered data onto your local disk or any File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server.

Allows Compressing Recovered Files
This Linux partition recovery software provides option to save the recovered files in a compressed ZIP folder. With this option of the software, you can either compress each file individually or compress files into a single ZIP folder. Note: You can compress the recovered files, only if you are saving them to the local disk.

Disk Imaging
The software provides a useful option to create and save the image file of your hard disk or any selected volume. The image file of your media can help you recover all your precious data, in case of volume corruption, deletion, or formatting of the media.

Drive Cloning
With Stellar Linux Data Recovery, you can create an exact replica of your hard drive, which can help you recover lost data, in case of drive failure. Even, with the cloned copy of your hard drive, you can carry on your on-going works, without any delay over data recovery.

With the 'SMART' feature, the software continuously monitors important parameters of the hard drive and generates warning messages against any impending drive failure. This feature helps you protect your data from instances of unexpected hard drive failure.

System Requirement

  • Processor - Pentium Class
  • Operating System - Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP
  • Memory - 512 MB Minimun
  • Hard Disk - 50 MB of Free Space

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Last updated : 20-11-2020


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