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Version: 2.58

Date: 12-2008



IP-Tools offers many TCP/IP utilities in one program. This award-winning program can work under Windows 95/98/ME / NT4.0/2000/XP/2003 and is indispensable for anyone who uses the Internet or Intranet (if you are a network administrator, you should try our powerful network monitor: Advanced Host Monitor

IP-Tools includes 19 utilities:

  • Local Info
    examines the local host and shows info about processor, memory, Winsock data, etc
  • Connection Monitor
    displays information about current TCP and UDP network connections
  • NetBIOS Info
    gets NetBIOS information about network interfaces (local and remote computers)
  • NB Scanner
    shared resources scanner
  • SNMP Scanner
    scans network(s) for SNMP enabled devices
  • Name Scanner
    scans all hostnames within a range of IP addresses
  • Port Scanner
    scans network(s) for active TCP based services
  • UDP Scanner
    scans network(s) for active UDP based services
  • Ping Scanner
    pings a remote hosts over the network
  • Trace
    traces the route to a remote host over the network
  • WhoIs
    obtains information about a Internet host or domain name from the NIC (Network Information Center)
  • Finger
    retrieves information about user from a remote host
  • LookUp
    looks for domain names according to its IP address or an IP address from its domain name
  • GetTime
    gets time from time servers (also it can set correct time on local system)
  • Telnet
    telnet client
  • HTTP
    HTTP client
  • IP-Monitor
    shows network traffic in real time (as a set of charts)
  • Host Monitor
    monitors up/down status of selected hosts
  • Trap Watcher
    allows you to receive and process SNMP Trap messages


  • Program allows multitask operation - You may use all utilities at the same time.
  • Many utilities can obtain information from a single host, from all hosts within a range of IP addresses (ex. - or work with list of hosts and IP addresses.
  • IP-Tools can save obtained information into text file or create cool HTML reports.
  • Highly intuitive interface makes operation easy for users.
  • Easy Install / Upgrade / Uninstall program.
  • After registration you gain the right to use ALL future IP-Tools updates and releases, on the same OS platform, in the registered mode.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 98, ME, NT 4.0 (SP3), Windows 2000, Windows XP Professional, or Windows Server 2003;
  • Internet connection or TCP/IP enabled LAN;
  • 3Mb free disk space;
  • Minimum screen resolution: 800 x 600

As a registered user, you:

  • Access support and assistance via E-mail
  • Gain the right to use ALL future IP-Tools updates and releases, on the same OS platform, in the registered mode.

There are several licenses available:

  • Single user license
  • Small office license (10 or more user license under one registration name)
  • Local site license (unlimited number of computers in 1 company at 1 geographic location)
  • Nationwide company license

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