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GroupDocs.Total for Java


GroupDocs.Total for Java is a compilation of every Java API offered by GroupDocs. We compile it on a daily basis to ensure that it contains the most up to date versions of each of our Java APIs.

With GroupDocs.Total for Java developers can use all our APIs with a single license. However, you can order any individual API as well. The APIs we offer include:

GroupDocs.Viewer for Java
A powerful document viewer API that allows you to display over 50 document formats in your Java applications. The viewer can work two ways: by rasterizing documents or by converting them to a combination of SVG, HTML, and CSS. Both methods deliver high-fidelity rendering.

Supported file formats include Microsoft Office, Visio, Project and Outlook documents, PDFs, AutoCAD, image files (TIFF, JPG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc.) and more.

GroupDocs.Annotation for Java
A flexible API that lets end users annotate Microsoft Office, PDF and other documents within your Java applications. The API comes with a comprehensive set of markup tools, which allow end users to highlight, strikethrough, and comment text and images.

GroupDocs.Conversion for Java
An advanced class API that allows you to convert back and forth between over 50 document formats from within your Java applications. The API supports all Microsoft Office document formats as well as PDF, HTML and common image file formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP). Documents can be converted one by one on the fly or added to a conversion queue.

GroupDocs.Comparison for Java
This API allows end users to quickly and easily find differences between two revisions of a document. It compares uploaded documents and displays differences between them through a diff view UI. Differences are highlighted using redline view - similar to the Microsoft Word change tracking feature.

GroupDocs.Signature for Java
With this API you can seamlessly enhance your apps with the e-signing capability. Your users are then able to get documents signed electronically using only a web-browser. Detailed audit trails, 256-bit SSL encryption, and other advanced security features ensure signed documents are kept private and secure, while a wizard-like UI makes the signing process quick and easy.

GroupDocs.Assembly for Java
GroupDocs.Assembly for Java engine is a set of document automation and reports generation APIs designed to create custom documents from templates. The Java reporting engine intelligently assembles the given data with the defined template document and generates an output document based on the data source in the same format as of the template document format.

GroupDocs.Metadata for Java
GroupDocs.Metadata for Java is a document metadata management API designed for all basic metadata operations like view, add, modify and remove metadata. Metadata APIs support a number of file formats. You can load the input document and make its metadata accessible to the user for metadata operations.

GroupDocs.Search for Java
GroupDocs.Search for Java - document search APIs for advanced querying with indexing features. Use API in Java applications for documents including Word Excel PowerPoint and PDF for full-text retrieval and much more.

GroupDocs.Parser for Java
GroupDocs.Parser for Java - An extensible text extractor and parsing API to read or analyze document content and metadata properties from different file formats. It works simply by getting the file as input and then fetches raw or formatted text of the input file along with metadata properties.

GroupDocs.Watermark for Java
GroupDocs.Watermark for Java is a document watermarking API to add, search and remove the watermark from multiple file formats. API supports text and image watermark types. Watermark added by any third-party software can easily be searched and removed by this API while it is hard to remove watermark added using this API by any third-party tools.

GroupDocs.Editor for Java
GroupDocs.Editor for Java is a lightweight API to edit multiple document formats in form of HTML. The editor API can both translate source document into HTML and save edited HTML into source document format.

GroupDocs.Merger for Java
GroupDocs.Merger for Java is a document merging and joining API to combine and arrange multiple files into a single one as well as split, remove or reorder pages in a document of supported format.

GroupDocs.Redaction for Java
Java Document redaction API to protect or remove any confidential information from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Images and PDF documents using text, metadata �??and annotation redaction types.

Advanced API Features

  • HTML, Image and PDF representation of documents
  • Watermark: Add text as watermark to all pages and images of the output
  • Native Word & PDF Annotations
  • Comprehensive Set of Annotation Tools
  • Annotate email, HTML and image documents
  • Fast and accurate document conversion
  • Compares document contents, password protected files, font styles, and watermarks
  • Save difference summary to DOC or DOCX format
  • Upload, type or draw signatures
  • Digital signature verifications for all types
  • Generate documents from more than one data sources
  • Analyze and remove hidden metadata in multiple document formats
  • Search and compare metadata
  • Export metadata to Excel/CSV
  • Text extraction from password protected files
  • Search and remove Text/Image watermark
  • Edit multiple document formats
  • Combine multiple files into single one

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