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Version: 5.0 (build 10) R 343

Date: 11-2015

SSH Client


Includes SSH, SFTP, and SCP clients
Pragma SSH Client is a comprehensive collection of Windows client-side programs that give you secure access to files and data on remote computers. Pragma SSH Client includes a variety of high-value programs and management tools to improve your productivity and simplify your remote access transactions.

Secure your connections today
It provides all the client functionality needed to carry out easy, dependable, and fast communications using a wide variety of protocols, including:

  • 2-in-1 graphical SSH client and telnet client
  • Console SSH, telnet & telnet SSL client
  • GUI secure file transfer (SFTP) client
  • Console SFTP & Secure Copy (SCP) client
  • Remote exec (rexec) client
  • (not supplied by Windows)
  • Remote shell (rsh) client
  • (not supplied by Windows)

Pragma SSH Client package combines all of these capabilities into a single, full-featured package. It is easy to install and use, and flexible to accommodate whatever protocol you need.

Client Features

  • Flexible support for a broad range of server platforms: Performs best with Pragma SSH Server and Pragma Telnet Server, but it works well with server software from other vendors on a variety of operating systems like Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX, VMS and Macintosh
  • SSL Support for telnet connections
  • Broad Windows OS support, including 64-bit: Runs under Windows 2012/2008 R2/2008/8/7/Vista/2003/XP/2000 and supports 32-bit, 64-bit and Intel Itanium 64-bit processors
  • Supports port forwarding: Pragma's secure shell clients enables secure transmission by any TCP/IP application by passing the data over a secure SSH session, with only minimal changes to the application required
  • Session logging: Optionally logs session output to a text file (only includes printable ASCII characters).
  • Scripting: Console clients use easy-to-write script files to automate logon and session operation.
  • Handles multiple server configurations: With Pragma GUI clients, there's no need to reconfigure the client for each server used
  • Gateway capability: Console clients can be used inside a telnet or SSH session to connect to another telnet or SSH server
  • Authentication: Authenticates users with certificate, password, and Windows GSS-API Kerberos and NTLM Active Directory authentication, allowing single step sign-on for seamless secure access to Windows networks
  • Encryption: Supports multiple advanced encryption algorithms for optimal security: AES128, 192, 256, Blowfish, 3DES, Arcfour, and CAST128
  • Customizable terminal window and fonts: To make your software environment most comfortable, you can dynamically resize the terminal window by changing the size properties of the console window. And you can choose any fonts supported by the Windows console

Essential Command Line Tools Included
Pragma SSH Client includes more than 20 programs that enable execution of essential management functions directly from the command line. These tools are useful on any system, whether you are using a client machine locally or remotely through a telnet or SSH session.

  • Delete Directory Tree
  • Find File
  • Kill Active Process
  • Get Operating System Information
  • Password Changer Program
  • Console Registry Editor
  • Show Active Processes
  • FTP Client
  • Get Current User Name
  • Fast File Text Viewer
  • Which Executable
  • Internet User Name Directory Service
  • Change Computer Name
  • Change Current Console Settings
  • Shutdown Program
  • Keyboard Tester
  • Process Sleep
  • Get Group Information
  • Get User Information
  • RunAs

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SSH Client - GUI/Console SSH/Telnet/SFTP Clients/Tools - per client (email)




SSH Client - GUI/Console SSH/Telnet/SFTP Clients/Tools - per client Incl. 1 year Support (email)




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