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Version: 4.2.0

Date: 1-2020



Welcome to the home of FolderMatch, folder comparison and synchronization software for Windows 7,8,10 - 32 & 64 bit

Winner at the Shareware Industry Awards for three consecutive years, SIA nominee for the "Best Overall Application" & nominee for the European Epsilon Award, FolderMatch is a program that compares directories and files, showing the differences clearly.

  • Easily, quickly, and reliably compare and synchronize two folders, two drives, or two computers.
  • Safely backup photos, emails, contacts, and documents.
  • See the exact text differences between two text files, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Rich Text (RTF) documents.
  • Find and remove all duplicate files on your machine. Even if their names are different!
  • Rename multiple files at one time.

FolderMatch is an award-winning Windows utility which compares and synchronizes two folder trees or two files. Winner at the Shareware Industry Awards for three consecutive years, SIA nominee for the "Best Overall Application" & nominee for the European Epsilon Award, it is a "must-have" insurance against loss of valuable data. Never again be stuck with out of date data. Never again lose critical information. FolderMatch ensures that the appropriate versions of all files are retained.

FolderMatch is a fast and easy way to stay in sync. Choose from any of eight different ways to compare your files - from the simple date/time method to the advanced 160-bit Secure Hash Algorithm. Differences are shown side-by-side in a graphical, easy to understand manner. Synchronize the files with a button click. Wizards guide you through the process.

There are many powerful options to choose from. Simple enough for a novice to use, yet feature-rich enough for a power user to exploit. FolderMatch is an ocean where a gnat may drink and an elephant may bathe.

Everyone who must maintain multiple copies of files or folders can benefit from FolderMatch.

Do you work on your files at home and at the office? Are you a frequent business traveler? With users working at home, on the road or in the office, it's hard to keep all of the PCs current with the latest files and data. Documents, databases, spreadsheets, sales and contact information all can get changed several times a day. How is the work coordinated on all of the various PCs, making sure that all systems contain the most recent versions of all of the files? FolderMatch is a tool that solves this problem.

What's new in version 4.2.0

  • FIXED: Added missing long path support to AreFileContentsDifferent_UseMap routine (used in file Content comparison)
  • CHANGED: Replaced obsolete GetTimeZoneInformation Win API with GetTimeZoneInformationForYear
  • IMPROVED: Added additional debugging details to modDateTime.SystemTimeToVBTime routine to aid in error troubleshooting
  • FIXED: Resolved "Invalid procedure call or argument" in StringDiffs.StripWhiteSpaceFromIntArray error in Compare Files.
  • CHANGED: Errors in clsSortedStringList are now passed back to calling routine.
  • IMPROVED: Show complete version number (major.minor.revision.build) on Start Page rather than just partial (major.minor)
  • IMPROVED: Added additional debugging details to StringDiffs.StripWhiteSpaceFromIntArray to aid in error troubleshooting.
  • CHANGED: "Subscript out of range" errors in index validations are now raised back to calling routines.
  • IMPROVED: Added additional debugging details to folder enumeration routine to identify duplicate file/folder names (Error 457)
  • ADDED: Add ability to compare snapshots (for internal use only right now)
  • ADDED: Added Property Changed to all user control Property Let procedures.
  • ADDED: Added F2 short key key to Compare Folders window to rename selected files/folders.
  • IMPROVED: Differences are now sorted and align/scroll together on Subfolder Differences window.
  • ADDED: Copy/Move/Delete functionality added to Subfolder Differences window
  • ADDED: Added a "Reset column width defaults" context menu to all grid column headers
  • FIXED: Password protected MS Office files now prompt for password.
  • FIXED: Password protected MS Office files now detect text differences properly.
  • ADDED: Session Settings added (New, Load, Save, Restore, Maintain)
  • FIXED: ESC key did not always pause a folder comparison if window lost focus.
  • FIXED: ESC key did not always cancel a duplicate search if window lost focus.
  • FIXED: View File Differences window showed wrong caption when comparing text only.
  • ADDED: Name validation added for Create Subfolder routine on Compare Folders window.)
  • FIXED: Update available check was not working due to an error in XML file
  • ADDED: "Check for update" functionality added to all Help menus and About box window.
  • UPDATED: Removed some old Visual Basic 6 files from installer which are not required on > MS Vista operating systems.

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