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Version: 3.7.2

Date: 2015



Welcome to the home of FolderMatch, folder comparison and synchronization software for Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 - 32 & 64 bit

Winner at the Shareware Industry Awards for three consecutive years, SIA nominee for the "Best Overall Application" & nominee for the European Epsilon Award, FolderMatch is a program that compares directories and files, showing the differences clearly.

  • Easily, quickly, and reliably compare and synchronize two folders, two drives, or two computers.
  • Safely backup photos, emails, contacts, and documents.
  • See the exact text differences between two text files, Excel spreadsheets, Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, or Rich Text (RTF) documents.
  • Find and remove all duplicate files on your machine. Even if their names are different!
  • Rename multiple files at one time and Much more!

FolderMatch 3.7.2 feature list
Comparison features

  • Compares files or folders (including sub-folders) between floppy drives, hard drives, CD-ROM drives, zip drives, and network drives (UNC paths supported)
  • Supports the following file systems: FAT, VFAT, FAT32, HPFS, NTFS, CDFS, and UDF
  • Offers choice of eight comparison types: Filename Only, Size Only, Size and Date/Time, Contents, Attributes, Version Stamp, CRC32, and SHA-1Supports HUGE files (> 4 GB)
  • Compares only files and folders that match Include and Exclude filter pattern lists which you define (wildcards supported)
  • Include/Exlude System and Hidden Files Handles NTFS and FAT timestamp incompatibilities
  • Allows for user-specified number of bytes (chunk size) to be read and compared during a Content, CRC32, or SHA-1 comparison.
  • Remembers the last 20 folders compared.
  • Shows text differences between two ASCII text files, Microsoft Word documents, Excel Spreadsheets, RTF documents, or *Adobe PDF documents. (MS Word, MS Excel, and Adobe Reader not required)

Synchronization features

  • Single-click auto synchronization
  • Guides through the process using helpful wizard screens
  • Offers choice of nine preset auto-Synchronization methods, or a user-defined custom method
  • Supports Copy, Move,Send to the Recycle Bin, and Delete Permanently operations for manual synchronization
  • Checks for available disk space before all operations
  • Shows all operations about to be performed and prompts for confirmation
  • Logs synchronization history
  • Allows for the creation of new sub-folders
  • Renames multiple files and folders
  • Synchronizes the dates/times of two files
  • Sets the date/times of multiple files

Additional features

  • Sync your PC's system clock with an atomic time server
  • Includes a full-featured duplicate file finder
  • Displays the binary contents of files using a built-in Hexadecimal (HexDump) viewer
  • Prints the results of the folder comparison in any number of layouts
  • Saves the results of the folder comparison by printing to a file.
  • Save multiple Session Settings
  • Open and Edit any file from within FolderMatch
  • User-configurable sounds associated with certain events.
  • Conforms with Windows XP/2003/Vista/Windows 7 32 & 64 standards
  • Ridiculously simple to use

Changes in version 3.7.2 ?

  • NEW: Added support for text content comparison of DOCX and XLSX formats.
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to modAPIReadWriteFile.ReadStringFromFile to handle 'Out of Memory' error.
  • IMPROVED: Added better error handling to Drive class.
  • IMPROVED: Added error description information to folder validation routine.
  • IMPROVED: Now recognizes both Directory Junction Points and Volume Mount Points.
  • IMPROVED: Added error handling for missing MS Scripting Library component
  • FIXED: Confirm Sync window now lists only first 10,000 file operations to correct the load performance problem when the list had many more items.
  • FIXED: Focus was set incorrectly in Comparison Result Panes after a file operation
  • FIXED: All file operations now check for an empty file name selection in the Comparison Result Panes
  • FIXED: Type Mismatch error in writing to and reading from SyncHistory.log file. frmMain.AutoSync Number 13 Line Number : 1410
  • FIXED: Drive and folder sizes larger than 838.86TB are now supported without Overflow errors arising.
  • FIXED: Fixed blank Create and Last Accessed date/times on Target files problem.

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