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Version: 2.2

Date: 6-2009



FMrobot 2 for Windows and FMrobot 1.7.0 are available for FileMaker 7 Developer or 8/8.5/9 Advanced.

FMrobot automates the creation of tables and fields in a FileMaker Pro file. This includes bringing over fields with their field types and their field definitions (calculations, auto-enter values, validations, etc.). FMrobot can also move Custom Functions, Value Lists, and Privilege Sets from one file to another. FMrobot 2 for Windows now transfers Relationships and Table Occurrences!

FileMaker Pro 8 - 10 gives you the ability to transfer fields and tables, but you need FMrobot to transfer Custom Functions, Value Lists, Privilege Sets, Relationships and Table Occurrences between files.

FMrobot gives you the power to:

  • Move Relationships and TO's! (available in FMrobot 2 for Win only)
  • Move Custom Functions from one file to another
  • Move Value Lists from one file to another (custom VL's only)
  • Move Privilege Sets from one file to another
  • Move tables from one file to another
  • Create a standard library of fields to put into any table
  • Create a library of "template tables"
  • Duplicate a table
  • Consolidate many tables into a single file
  • Add fields to an existing table
  • Fully compatible with FileMaker Pro 7 - 10 on Windows (The Mac version will soon be compatible with FM 10, as well.)

The data source for the definitions of the fields, value lists, and privilege sets is the Database Design Report produced by FileMaker Pro 8/8.5/9 Advanced or FileMaker Developer 6 or 7.

New tables can be created using all of the fields from another table or only selected fields, and fields may be added to existing tables. Field names and field types will always be created correctly, as will any aspects of the field definitions (calculations, auto-enter values, validations, etc.) which do not have other dependencies. For calculations, if the necessary dependencies (other fields, etc.) are not all in place, the calculation will be "commented out". If any error of this sort occurs, a comment is placed in the field comment field. Later, when the dependencies have been added, you can simply uncomment the calculation.

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