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Version: 7.4.5 (legacy release 7.3.8)

Date: 11-2017

EFT Server Standard (SMB)


Enhanced File Transfer

Military-Grade MFT Security for Your Mission-Critical Data

Enhanced File Transfer (EFT) SMB, designed for small-to-medium businesses, enables your organization to securely manage file transfers among worldwide offices, clients, and partners, ensuring that data confidentiality and integrity are preserved during transport and storage. Our best-in-class managed file transfer platform offers unmatched simplicity, top-notch security, and stability so predictable, many administrators forget EFT is even running. Customize the Perfect Solution for Your Business EFT's modular form makes it affordable by allowing you to purchase just the functionality you need. Additional advanced features can be added as your business needs change. EFT SMB has capabilities perfect for small businesses that need secure file transfer software and military-grade security, without automation.*

* If you need automation, two-factor authentication, or connecting to remote servers, EFT Enterprise has more advanced capabilities than EFT SMB.

EFT Platform Overview
EFT is our managed file transfer software with customizable modules to fit your specific needs. This secure file transfer platform provides:

  • Security & Compliance
  • Stability
  • Automation
  • Control & Visibility
  • Programmatic API Control
  • High Availability Active-Active Clustering

HTTP/S Module
EFT Server's HTTPS add-on module allows you to set up a secure connection to anyone in minutes-all they need is a web browser.

SFTP benefits include single connection port for easy firewall navigation, password and public key authentication and strong data encryption.

DMZ Gateway
DMZ Gateway is a multi-platform (Windows, Linux/Unix, Solaris), multi-layered security solution that allows implementing the highest levels of security for data storage and retrieval, authentication and firewall traversal.

Auditing and Reporting Module
Capture all of the transactions passing through EFT Server allowing you to query the data and view reports from EFT Server's Administrative console.

High Security Module
Comply with FIPS 140-2, PCI DSS 1.2, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, securely wipe delete data, assign Active Directory accounts for EFT Server administration, and implement advanced password, account, and resource security policies.

OpenPGP Module
Safeguard data at rest using OpenPGP encryption.

Secure Ad Hoc Transfer Module
Allow users inside an enterprise to send and receive files of any size to and from recipients outside the organization with secure authentication, non-repudiation and auditing capabilities.

Web Transfer Client
This cross platform web client provides powerful file transfer features and a rich user interface at no extra cost to your business partners.

Mobile Transfer Client
This Android/iOS client provides powerful file transfer features and gives you full mobile access to your EFT server hosted files.

Advanced Workflow Engine
Extend the capabilities of EFT Server with event-driven, real-time processing of over 200 automated actions-all customizable using a simple and intuitive workflow interface.

Purchase EFT SMB
EFT SMB is available in different Tiers:

EFT Server (SMB) Tier 1

  • FTP Server
  • SFTP transfers (SFTP module)

EFT Server (SMB) Tier 2

  • Tier 1 Plus:
  • HTTP/S transfers (HTTPS module)
  • ARM: Audit to SQL Server and run reports
  • WTC/MTC: Transfer files without involving IT
  • HSM: Advanced security, data sanitization (wiping), and FIPS-certified libraries
  • HSM: Active monitoring and alerting of PCI DSS violations; Run PCI DSS compliance reports

EFT Server (SMB) Tier 3

  • Tier 2 Plus:
  • DMZ GW: Add an additional security layer by using a reverse and forward proxy (DMZ Gateway)
  • PGP: Encrypt, decrypt, and sign data (OpenPGP module)
  • ME: Ad hoc, person-to-person file transfer (Mail Express), 100 seats

What's new in version 7.3.7
Many additions/upgrades including the COM Interface, logging, SFTP/FTPS, SMTP, Workspaces, Admin GUI and several bug fixes

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EFT Enterprise

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EFT Server (SMB) Tier 1 incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




EFT Server (SMB) Tier 2 incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




EFT Server (SMB) Tier 3 incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




EFT Server (SMB) Standard (email)




EFT Server (SMB) Standard incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




SFTP Module for EFT SMB Standard (email)




SFTP Module for EFT SMB Standard incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




HTTP/S Module for EFT SMB Standard (email)




HTTP/S Module for EFT SMB Standard incl. 1 year MNT and support (email)




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Last updated : 12-01-2018


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