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Version: 3.7

Date: 3-2015

Daminion Multi-user MediaManagement


Image, video and document management solutions for small teams and creative pros.

Easy asset cataloging
The better your assets are cataloged, the less time you will spend on searching for your files, and more time working current projects. Further, tagging all copyrighted materials will help prevent unlawful usage of images and content.

Instant access to any assets
Assets you can't find are JUST AS USELESS as assets that are completely lost! Daminion's easy-to-use, but powerful search capabilities includes: Quick Search, Filter Content By Tags in combining with AND/OR operations, Advanced Search and Saved Searches.

What's new in version 3.7?

  • Fixed bug with Rescanning Folders
  • Fixed bug with the "Open With" menu

Top 5 Improvements:

  • Large images can be displayed much faster - at the same speed as common JPEG images.
  • Integration with Windows Active Directory enables you to sync the Daminion Server with the company's existing user database instead of manually entering user names and passwords. Users, in their turn, can be logged-in to Daminion automatically without re-entering their Windows NT/Active Directory password.
  • Similar images can now be grouped together and displayed more compactly, reducing the number of steps required to access your assets.
  • Added support for new media formats including MXF videos and Samsung SRW images. And you can now display quality thumbnails for Cineform video and AutoCAD (DXF/DWG) formats.
  • The Tray (Lightbox) panel has been drastically improved and now, apart from saving its state after restarting the Daminion Client, it allows you to assign tags, save images as collections, and export images directly from the Tray. Files added to the Tray will still be there after restarting the program. For server catalogs you can even connect from another computer and see your Tray files.

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