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Version: Latest

Date: 2015

CyberPatrol Parental Controls


CyberPatrol for Families

CyberPatrol Parental Controls is specifically designed to help combat online threats and create a safe environment for your family yet still allows the freedom to explore.

Protect Your Family With CyberPatrol

  • Protect against online predators
  • Block harmful web sites and images
  • Restrict chat and instant messaging

Comprehensive Controls that Keep Your Family Safe
61% of kids admit to Using the Internet unsafely or Inappropriately. CyberPatrol puts you in control.

  • Block Undesirable Web Sites
    Keep porn, adult content, gambling and other undesirable content away from your kids.
  • For Kids of All Ages
    CyberPatrol is designed for kids of all ages and all Internet skill levels. You control the extent to which you want to manage their Internet access.
  • Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging
    Filter chat, instant messaging and other programs to prevent important information from being revealed, like names, addresses and phone numbers.
  • Protect Up to 3 PCs with 1 License

CyberPatrol Headquarters Toolbar
Behind the CyberPatrol Headquarters Toolbar lies the power to give you complete control over how and when people use your computer. It lets you easily tap into powerful filtering capabilities that protect against harmful Internet content by blocking unsuitable web sites, content and images.

Manage User Profiles
Manage Internet access for any number of users on a PC. CyberPatrol easily integrates with existing user names in both Windows XP and Vista.

Unlimited Users
Create as many user profiles as you need, and apply different filtering levels for each user. The wizard leads you through the process. Setting up your own profile lets you surf as you wish, and limit access for others.

Integrates with Windows User Names
If you're using Windows XP or Vista, you can apply the Windows profiles you've already set up on your computer to CyberPatrol. This automatically launches the CyberPatrol user profile for whoever logs into Windows.

Flexible Filtering Options
Use CyberPatro's 'ready-to-go' filtering, or customize filtering for each user. Choose from Child, Young Teen, Mature Teen, and Adult.

Customize Blocked Categories
Select from 13 commonly blocked categories including Adult, Chat, Drugs, Gambling, and Weapons. Fine-tune filtering levels for each category and user. Select from the lowest (Allow All) to the strongest (Maximum).

The password protected Override Mode gives access to the Internet on a temporary basis and can be used on blocked pages to give users temporary access.

Create a Pre-Approved List of Sites
You can further restrict surfing to a selectable pre-approved Yes List of sites and is ideal for parents of very young kids. Allowed keywords can be added allowing access to any web address containing the word.

Limit Access to Programs
Restrict access to specific programs on your PC, like chat, instant messaging and games. Block access to 'off-limits' programs like home finance packages.

Control Program Downloads
Downloading programs from the Internet is an increasing security nightmare. Stop indiscriminate downloads by locking down your PC to eliminate the worry. Program downloads can be blocked, ensuring that users seek permission before downloading games, music, images, videos, and programs. This helps secure your PC against spyware and viruses, maintain the health of your PC, and prevent the download of illegal or copyrighted material.

Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging
Chat and instant messaging programs are a great way to talk to friends or even make new ones, but you need to safeguard against online predators and prevent personal information from being revealed.

Filter chat, instant messaging and other programs to prevent important information from being revealed, like names, addresses and phone numbers. Objectionable words and phrases can also be filtered by adding keywords and phrases to the custom list.

Monitor Internet Activity
CyberPatrol includes monitoring and reporting, an important part of taking control of your family's Internet access. Detailed reports are supplied for each user on web pages visited, time and length of visit, and whether the page was allowed or blocked. View and save weekly and daily summaries. All activity data is password-protected and securely stored, to prevent unauthorized access.

The real-time Activity Monitor details sites visited, images viewed, and the program that requested it. Any recorded Web address can be viewed, highlighted and added to a user's allowed or blocked list. The Activity Summary shows how many of the pages viewed have been blocked, how many web pages were blocked then overridden by the user, and how much time was spent online.

Limit Time Online
Time management ends the frustration of not knowing how long your child has been online, or whether they've been using specific programs like games. CyberPatrol lets you create predetermined time rules.

Limit Internet activity and restrict access to programs on your PC. Limits can be based on time of day and daily or weekly cumulative time allowances. Once a time limit is reached, a blocking message appears, and access to the Internet or the program is denied.

Systems requirements
CyberPatrol is designed for Windows-based standalone PCs. It's also used for small networks of server-based PCs, by installing and licensing CyberPatrol on each PC to be filtered.

Microsoft Operating Systems:
Windows Vista SP1 +
Windows XP Home Edition SP2 * +
Windows XP Professional SP2 * +
Windows 2000 Professional SP3 +

Pentium II or higher

256 MB minimum

Disk Space:
30 MB

Internet Browsers:
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.01 SP3 and above
Mozilla Firefox 1.0
AOL 8.0 and AOL 9.0
Netscape 6.0 and above

Internet Connection:
A valid Internet connection is required.

* Compatible with Windows XP Service Pack 3.

We recommend you have the latest Microsoft security patches installed.
Support is only for 32-bit operating systems.

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