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Version: Latest

Date: 2014

Code 128 Barcode Font Package


Code 128 Barcode Font Package

  • Generate the Code 128 barcode from a font.
  • Easily encodes GS1-128 Application Identifiers and are now visible in the human readable version with parentheses.
  • Patent-pending font technology produces extremely high-quality barcodes.
  • Provided with both non-human readable and human-readable versions without showing the check character.
  • Contains over 18 different Code 128 font versions in 6 formats.
  • Examples for Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Crystal Reports included.
  • TrueType, OpenType, PCL LaserJet soft fonts and PostScript font versions are included.
  • Unicode option improves compatibility with double-byte character sets.
  • All Code 128 Fonts require special formatting so that the data, when the barcode font is applied, will be scannable. Over 30 royalty free font tools, macros and plug-ins are provided to complete this automatically.
  • Supports AIM USS Code-128, ISS-Code-128, UCC-128, EAN-128, GS1-128, SCC18, USPS, SISAC, IMpb, IPA, ISAL, Canada Post and other specifications based on Code128.
  • While the Code 128 Fonts are compatible on OSX, the Universal Fonts, which include the C128 symbology, have MAC specific font tools for easier integration.

Code 128 Barcode Font Features
This Code 128 font package includes over 18 Code 128 barcode fonts in 6 formats, with royalty free rights to use any IDAutomation font tools, macros and source code as necessary for application integration. The fonts comply with all ANSI, AIM, ISO and European (CEN) standards for Code 128 including ISS-128.

New Code 128 Barcode Font Package Features:

  • Human Readable display within the font without showing the check character.
  • GS1-128 AIs with parentheses are now visible in the human readable version.
  • Unicode option improves compatibility with double-byte character sets.

Features and details of the package are as follows:

  • Font Encoder Tools are available for easy Code 128 font integration into a variety of applications including:
    - Microsoft Word & Excel Barcode Add-In
    - Excel, Access & Word VBA Macros & Functions
    - Crystal Reports Barcode Font UFL
    - FileMaker Barcode Plug-In
    - Oracle Reports Barcode PLL Library
    - Complete Index of Barcode Font Encoder Tools
  • GS1-128 (UCC/EAN-128) Support: When using Code 128 for GS1-128 (formerly UCC-128 or EAN-128), every barcode must begin with a Start C character followed by a (fnc1) "function code one" character.
    - The Code128() function in IDAutomation font encoder tools provides an automated method for doing this by inserting an ASCII202 character for each AI represented.
    - Additionally, the IDAutomationC128M font is specifically designed for GS1 barcodes when printed at 12 points where a size of 1/2 inch tall and an X dimension of 10 mils is required.
  • GS1-128 AIs: New functionality automatically places parentheses around Application Identifiers (AIs) in GS1-128 within the same font by using ReturnType 6.
  • - Parentheses may also be used to encode AIs within the font.
  • Human-Readable Versions: New functionality enables human-readable text in the same font, beneath the barcode by using the ReturnType function.
    - Separate fonts with text interpretations are also provided for Code 128 B and C.
  • 6 Font Heights Provided: Code 128 barcode fonts are scalable and should be printed at the correct font size to suit the application and scanning equipment.
    - In addition to using the point size to set the font width, six (6) versions of the Code 128 barcode fonts are provided to support different height requirements.
  • Industry Standards: In use since 1998, IDAutomation Code 128 barcode fonts were created directly from AIM and ISO standards.
  • Low-Resolution Printer Support: These Code 128 barcode fonts are designed to print precisely on 203 DPI thermal printers and 300 DPI printers in addition to higher resolution printers.
    - When printing at 203 DPI, the point size chosen should be a multiple of 6. When printing at 300 DPI, the point size chosen should be a multiple of 4.
  • USPS Support: When printed at 16 points, the IDAutomationC128L font will produce the exact dimensions for GS1 (EAN128) as required by the USPS special services, which is a height of .75" and an X dimension of .013".
    - The IDAutomationC128S font at 28 points will produce a barcode at 23.5 mils and .81" tall, which meets requirements for the USPS Intelligent Mail Container Barcode USPS-B-3215.
  • Canada Post Support: When printed at 21 points, the IDAutomationC128L font will produce the dimensions required by the CANADA POST, which is a height of 1" and an X dimension of .017".
  • Easy Function Encoding Capability: These Code 128 barcode fonts provide easy methods of encoding functions in barcodes such as returns and tabs.
  • Embeddable Functionality: Barcode fonts included with the Developer License allow embedding into PDFs, Word documents and other files that support embedding so those who do not have the fonts installed may still view and print the barcode.
  • Multiple Language and Locale Support: In the event the system regional setting is not set to "English" or the 1252 Latin-1 codepage, Code 128 fonts support the following additional code pages in Windows: 1250 European, 1251 Cyrillic, 1253 Greek, 1254 Turkish, 1255 Hebrew and 1256 Arabic.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows, Pocket PC, Macintosh, Unix, Linux and others.
    -However, the Universal Barcode Font Advantage includes free font tools designed for the MAC to create Code 128 barcodes easily.
  • Multiple Formats Provided: The following versions are provided with purchase:
    -TTF fonts are supplied as digitally signed, OpenType fonts with TrueType outlines. They are compatible with Macintosh OS-X and all versions of Microsoft Windows, including 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7, and Windows Mobile.
    - The OTF fonts are digitally signed, OpenType fonts with PostScript outlines compatible with Windows, MAC OS-X, Linux and other systems supporting the OpenType format.
    - PostScript Type 1 fonts are supplied in binary (PFB), ASCII (PFA) and MAC classic versions (MT1 and BMA).
    - Macintosh classic TrueType (MTT) fonts are included for MAC System 7.1 to OS-X.
    - Also included in this package are PCL laserjet soft fonts in 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24 points.
    - The Developer License grants the right to convert IDAutomation's fonts to other formats as necessary including TrueDoc and OpenType.
    - For the most up to date installation procedures for Macintosh, Unix and other operating systems, please visit the IDAutomation Technical Support Page.

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