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Date: 3-2013



Looking for a Software Audit Tool ?
Have you got the full facts on all your IT assets? Have you been asked to provide a Deployment Summary?

With the passage of time it’s far too easy for an organisation to lose control of what IT assets are employed in their organisation. This creates the potential for risk in terms of theft, misplacement, under insurance but most importantly software license infringement.

The law states you need to purchase a license for each PC that a chargeable software program is installed on otherwise it’s software piracy, just the same as if you duplicated a software company’s CD and sold it in a market!

Organisations like FAST and the BSA actively encourage, for financial reward, ex or disgruntled employees to report license abuse and this can have a devastating effect on the company concerned, restricted not only to severe financial loss but embarrassment, fines, bad publicity and as awful as it sounds, up to 10 years in prison for ultimately responsible company officers. Auditing your PCs will resolve these worries in no time and there’s no better tool than Visual Audit X4!

With Visual Audit X4 on hand you will have the full facts on your IT assets and be able to answer any questions instantly. At the same time you can banish potential risk and save money by finding over licensed software or software that’s no longer in use or in need of maintenance and upgrades. Knowledge is Power and with Visual Audit X4 you get both!

Quick Read:

  • No agent to deploy unless using audit on demand.
  • Nothing to install or run on your server, a simple admin workstation can analyse the results.
  • Audit via network, USB or remote TCPIP.
  • Audit on a schedule or on demand.
  • Audit data is never sent to us or anywhere else.
  • Download, configure and start auditing in minutes not hours or days.
  • Comprehensive hardware and software audit.
  • Audit any files of your choice.
  • Ask custom questions at audit time.
  • Custom reports builder.
  • Builtin Licence manager.

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Last updated : 06-07-2018


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