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Version: 9.1

Date: 9-2016

Capsa Network Analyzer


Capsa Enterprise

Capsa is a portable network analyzer application for both LANs and WLANs which performs real-time packet capturing capability, 24x7 network monitoring, advanced protocol analysis, in-depth packet decoding, and automatic expert diagnosis. Capsa's comprehensive high-level window view of entire network, gives quick insight to network administrators or network engineers allowing them to rapidly pinpoint and resolve application problems. With the most user-friendly interface and the most powerful data packet capture and analysis engine in the industry, Capsa is a necessary tool for network monitoring.

Capsa Enterprise
Capsa Enterprise, a flagship product of Colasoft, is designed for small business as well as enterprise users. Capsa performs network monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis for both wired & wireless networks including 802.11a/b/g/n. Whether you're a veteran with years of experience or new to network monitoring, if your requirements are to identify, diagnose, and solve network problems quickly, or monitoring user activity on your network, or you just need to ensure that the corporation's communications assets are safe, Capsa Enterprise is a must have network management tool.

Capsa is a great network tool to help lower IT cost, improve network security, enhance customer service, and be more agile.

Key Features:

  • Real-time capture and save data transmitted over local networks, including wired network and wireless network like 802.11a/b/g/n;
  • Identify and analyze more than 500 network protocols, as well as network applications based on the protocols;
  • Monitor network bandwidth and usage by capturing data packets transmitted over the network and providing summary and decoding information about these packets;
  • View network statistics at a single glance, allowing easy capture and interpretation of network utilization data;
  • Monitor Internet, e-mail and instant messaging traffic, helping keep employee productivity to a maximum;
  • Diagnose and pinpoint network problems in seconds by detecting and locating suspicious hosts;
  • Map out the details, including traffic, IP address, and MAC, of each host on the network, allowing for easy identification of each host and the traffic that passes through each;
  • Visualize the entire network in an ellipse that shows the connections and traffic between each host.

Capsa Professional

Monitor, Analyze, Troubleshoot your Wired Network

Capsa Professional is especially provided for the budgets and needs of growing companies.

Capsa Professional helps network administrators troubleshoot network problems by monitoring network traffic transmitted over a local host and a local network. With a powerful engine that provides real time packet capture and accurate data analysis, Colasoft Capsa makes it easy to quickly and efficiently pinpoint network bottlenecks enabling a more efficient and secure network.

Capsa Professional serves as the most cost-effective network analyzer software designed for small and budget-limited business.

Top Capabilities of Capsa Professional:

  • Capture and save data transmitted over local networks and conduct both real-time and post-event analysis.
  • Identify and analyze 1040 protocols and sub-protocols, as well as network applications based on the protocols.
  • Monitors network bandwidth and usage through data packet capture of network transmissions, as well as providing summary and decoding information about these packets.
  • View network statistics at a single glance, allowing easy capture & interpretation of network utilization.
  • Map out IP & MAC address details, including the traffic of each host on the network.

What's new in Capsa 9.1?

Conversation Filter
Providing a Conversation Filter to help users filter the conversations captured.

Packets Can be Filtered Based on Time Rule
Providing a new filter rule to help users filter packets according to a scheduled time range.

Packets Can be Decoded as Specified Protocol
Allowing users to decode packets as a specified protocol.

A Time Sequence Tab is Added
Providing a Time Sequence tab for DNS-based conversation.

Other new features and improvements include:

  • The protocol PPP for POS can be recognized and decoded.
  • An option is added to show/hide address location.
  • An option is added to enable/disable the automatic loading of packet files replayed last time.

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