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Version: X1 (10.1.5)

Date: 11-2017

AXIGEN Mail Server

http://www.axigen.com/ http://www.axigen.com/

Axigen is an integrated email, calendaring & collaboration platform, masterfully built on our unique Linux mail server technology, for increased speed, security & scalability.

Business Messaging
Manage your email, organize & share calendars, sync your mobile, all based on this secure Windows & Linux mail server. The perfect answer for businesses of all sizes.

Service Provider Messaging
Offer your customers secure, business-level email hosting with various value added services. An excellent solution for SPs, suitable for hundreds to millions of users.

Axigen Mail Server X1

New Features

  • [AXI-1000] SERVER CalDAV support
  • [AXI-1488] WEBMAIL HTML calendar events - support for viewing and composing cross-client compatible meetings with HTML body / description
  • [AXI-1466] WEBMAIL Redesigned and re-engineered Notes - HTML notes, Notes search, Notes sync with OS X & iOS, Changed view for the notes list (now with reading pane), In-place notes editing, Auto-refresh in the notes list
  • [AXI-0161] SERVER Improved search indexing - multiple search indexing improvements: changed default search indexing settings; Strip HTML markup from message canonical forms used for indexing; indices and canonical forms are rebuilt on upgrade
  • [AXI-1211] SERVER Extended Auto-discovery - auto discovery for SMTP, POP3, IMAP (Outlook schema supported clients & Thunderbird), ActiveSync, CalDAV & CardDAV; configurable from CLI, globally and at domain level
  • [AXI-1648] WEBMAIL Second reminder for calendar events - adds a second calendar reminder; offers the end-user the possibility to add display reminders or email reminders, or both.
  • [AXI-1343] WEBMAIL Email address objects - improved user experience and space usage when composing emails & events, when using the address book, as well as when sharing or opening other users' folders.
  • [AXI-1755] SERVER Container level auto-compacting jobs in server idle time - the auto-compacting job starts when the fragmentation level is higher than 40%
  • [AXI-1296] WEBMAIL More reading pane and view options - an additional compact view (more content) option for all lists, plus the "no reading pane" option for emails, notes & contacts

What's new in version 10.1.5?


  • [AXI-1857] SERVER, WEBADMIN, WEBMAIL Implement support for defaultLanguage, autodetectLanguage and allowedLanguages, as well as initial regional settings at global level and domain level

Performance Improvements

  • [AXI-2096] SERVER Limit volatile data cleanup to max. one thread per domain; do not lock WM session cache while one WM session is deleted
  • [AXI-2027] WEBMAIL Shorten the send time when the recipient is a large distribution list


  • [AXI-1966] SERVER Added CLI command to reset attachment and body snippet cached metadata
  • [AXI-2020] SERVER Use the internal vCard sort index ordering for FirstName sorting; also improve comparison methods for other VCARD orderings
  • [AXI-2020] SERVER Automatic rebuild of vCard sort indexes due to key comparison method change
  • [AXI-2038] SERVER Use original folder names for migration in case of local renaming and avoid duplicating emails in certain scenarios
  • [AXI-1381] SERVER Retry POP3 message retrieval in case of temporary error
  • [AXI-1863] WEBMAIL Branding: Allow domain administrators to create Branding driven virtual hosts
  • [AXI-1869] WEBMAIL Settings (add filter): Scroll to the bottom of the conditions / actions list when adding a new item that makes the list scrollable
  • [AXI-2024] WEBMAIL Hide IE11 clear field button on language selection drop-downs in login page and Settings -> Interface
  • [AXI-2060] WEBMAIL Address Book: Exclude from the Address Book all the contacts with no email address and are not distribution lists
  • [AXI-2117] WEBMAIL Pass the email address objects validation for recipient email address containing the ".-." character sequence
  • [AXI-823] MOBILE WEBMAIL Redirect back to the previous section on out-of-office save & close; show the confirmation on that page

Bug Fixes

  • [AXI-2082] SERVER Fixed invalid IMAP SEARCH crash
  • [AXI-2015] SERVER On a frontend in a clustering setup, return temporary errors when account loading is not complete
  • [AXI-2057] SERVER Update condition that checks day-of-week validity in calendar parser
  • [AXI-2048] SERVER Fix crash caused by invalid VEVENT UID
  • [AXI-2027] SERVER Fix abort caused by invalid charset
  • [AXI-2034] SERVER Fix crash in CalDAV code caused by events in the Tasks folder
  • [AXI-2028] SERVER Fix crash caused by dismissing alarm for a recurrent calendar event
  • [AXI-2021] SERVER Avoid crash due to accessing deleted session data objects (race condition in case of many simultaneous webmail logins)
  • [AXI-1900] WEBADMIN Fix CIDR representation error when editing policy rule
  • [AXI-1815] WEBMAIL Fix issue opening attachment when forwarding a specific message
  • [AXI-1868] WEBMAIL Settings (add filter): Don't perform conditions validation when selecting "all incoming emails"
  • [AXI-1889] WEBMAIL Fix issue transforming inline attachments into regular attachments when opening from Drafts
  • [AXI-2025] WEBMAIL IE11 Fix message composer fields misalignment for Slovak and Czech languages
  • [AXI-2042] WEBMAIL Fix issue parsing specific contacts resulting in invalid contact list
  • [AXI-2051] WEBMAIL Fix sudden WebMail disconnect in specific scenario
  • [AXI-2059] WEBMAIL Contacts (List): Fix javascript error thrown in the contacts list for contact folders with more than 50 items
  • [AXI-2091] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix changing text background colour sometimes requiring multiple clicks
  • [AXI-2092] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix the key behaviour after applying background color to text
  • [AXI-2093] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix caret issue when adding text background color to multiple rows
  • [AXI-2106] WEBMAIL Fix RTL formatting for sent messages that contain mixed English and Arabic / Persian words
  • [AXI-2094] WEBMAIL IE11 Email (Composer): Fix composer issue when changing the text background color for all rows
  • [AXI-2130] WEBMAIL SAFARI Correctly align "+ Add" buttons in multiple screens in settings
  • [AXI-1800] MOBILE WEBMAIL Fix Mobile "User / Group Permission" visual bug
  • [AXI-1801] MOBILE WEBMAIL Fix Webmail Mobile messages list when a certain type of message is present in the Inbox folder

Outlook Connector

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • [AXI-1806] OLK Instantly sync special folders (Calendar, Contacts, Notes, Tasks) when created in Webmail
  • [AXI-2036] OLK Fix Outlook Connector crash generated by specific event
  • [AXI-2098] OLK Fix issue resulting in Calendar events being deleted on Outlook Connector + ActiveSync access

New Platforms & Clients Support

  • [AXI-1000] openSUSE Leap 42.2
  • [AXI-1000] openSUSE Leap 42.3

Known Issues
For Axigen licenses with newly acquired Cyren AntiVirus & AntiSpam, the Cyren setup requires a manual procedure. This will be addressed in Axigen X2. Meanwhile, please contact our support team â?? they will assist you with the necessary steps.

When upgrading the Outlook Connector from versions prior to 10.1.4 to Outlook Connector 10.1.5, Outlook will display a "version mismatch" warning window. Just hit "OK" to continue â?? this will not have any negative effects on your Outlook Connector installation.

Please contact Our sales team for pricing and add-ons as, Image analyzer, Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, Active Sync

Trial Download

Price information

Download Trial AXIGEN for Windows 32-bit (126054 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for Windows 64-bit (128000 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for FreeBSD 8.x (113553 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for FreeBSD 8.x amd64-Bit (27621 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for RPM based distros 64-bit (122760 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for Solaris 10 x64 (34782 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for Mandiva Linux (121737 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for DEB based distros 32-bit (118668 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN for DEB based distros 64-bit (119691 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN Outlook Connector 8.1.1 for Windows (18432 kB)

Download Trial AXIGEN Outlook Connector 8.1.1 for Windows / Outlook 2003 (18432 kB)

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Pricing is based on prepayment and excluding VAT / BTW / MwSt / TVA.

Please contact Our sales team for pricing and add-ons as, Image analyzer, Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Anti-Spam, Active Sync

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