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Let me introduce BTSoftware BV, BTSoftware is a Dutch Software reseller who delivers (exotica) Software to end-users and resellers world-wide.

If you want to do a international SW purchase, there could be a lot of problems, like purchasing conditions, payment conditions, e.g credit card, prepayment, language or delivery challenges.

We, BTSoftware, are specialized in this Exotica purchases, the non-Standard (non-mainstream) Software requests.
With more than 15 year experience in the international License registration (Exotica) business, there is a lot of knowledge which can help to accelerate the time from a request, to the first use of your requested Software without a lot of problems. Our challenge is to deliver the software to you for the same price as that you could buy on the hard-way.
Also we have a lot of technical expertise in house to cover the first line support. So we can solve a lot of problems without you have to contact the developers by your self. This results in a great deal of time profit, and thus money.

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Please take a look at our expanded on-line catalog. You can use the search field on the left side of the page, to make your quest easier.

If you do have any questions or if you need more information, you can always contact us at or by phone +31 40 2845111 .
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