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Version: 3.0

Date: 1-2017

TSPrint Terminal Server Printing


Terminal Server Printing

TSPrint is the RDP printing software for Terminal Services, Remote Desktop, VDI, or Citrix environments. Simple implementation and ease-of-use, coupled with an affordable licensing system, makes TSPrint one of the most popular remote desktop printing solutions on the market. Increase the stability of servers, without installing printer drivers on any terminal server. Clients print directly to their local printers from the terminal server, without additional administrator time required for implementation or configuration.


Driverless Printing
There's absolutely no need to install printer drivers on the terminal server when you install TSPrint. TSPrint includes its own virtual printer driver, which will receive the print job, compress it, and send it to the local workstation.

Improved Printing Performance
You encounter long wait times between print jobs when using Microsoft Printer Redirection, which sends the job directly through the RDP connection, without compression. With TSPrint, our print compression technology delivers extraordinary performance.

Easy and Fast Deployment
The TSPrint installation uses plug-and-play technology, requiring no configuration. Our installer comes with a 'silent install' option so you can deploy across your network. MSI packages are also available, with simple active directory deployment.

Works On Any Network
TSPrint uses the Microsoft Virtual Channel technology. By using VC, TSPrint can work as long as you can connect to the terminal server. There is no need for any additional network configuration.

Open Files Locally
Right click on any document and select the 'TSPrint Open Locally' option. TSPrint transfers documents to the local workstation and opens it with the default application.

Transfer Files
With a simple right-click, you can transfer your file to the local workstation. The standard save dialog will show up, and you can select where on the local workstation you wish to transfer the file.

Network Printer
Be able to send your print jobs on your colleagues printer. Just print to the TSPrint Network printer and you will be shown the currently logged in remote desktop users and their local available printers making it easy for you to utilize other printer devices besides the one connected to your local computer.

TSPrint Licensing

  • One time payment without any recurring or hidden costs.
  • Software upgrades and customer support is included and available for free.
  • Both TSPrint license types are applied only to a single remote desktop server. Client installations are not separately licensed.
  • Limited license monitors the number of connected users with the TSPrint client installed.
  • In case more users connect then allowed by the Limited license the last user will not be able to print via TSPrint.
  • You can upgrade a Limited license at any time through our customer portal in case the need arises for additional allowed sessions.

What's new in version 3

  • Dynamic Redirection
    You are probably till now used to our static redirection TSPrint printer, but with TSPrint 3.0 you will now finally be able to map your local printer to the server directly. The new feature is by default enabled. You can disable it by opening the Server Options settings and unchecking the Dynamic Redirection setting. After upgrading you should re-login to your RDP session, and new printer(s) should appear with the following naming scheme #. Such redirected printers will feature all the settings of your local device like trays, color settings, etc. There will be multiple Redirection Types from which you can choose which we will now explain further.
  • Redirection Types
    Use client Settings
    This setting allows you to specify which local printing device will be mapped to the terminal server.
    Redirect Default Printer
    This type will only redirect the local default printer.
    Redirect All Printers
    This options will redirect all your local printers to the remote desktop services.
  • Automatic Client Update
    With TSPrint 3.0 we introduced an automatic update process for the client installations. Now once you install a new TSPrint Server installation which is newer than the client, the client will automatically upgrade itself in the background to the server version. So once you upgrade all your client installations to 3.0 there won't be any more management required for the client installations in the future.

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